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Radiation Lung and Brain


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Hey everyone! We are still pretty happy around here, with Dad getting his tatoos today and ready to start radiation next Wednesday. They will do 6 weeks straight, then after a month do a two week brain radiation as well ... he has no mets at this point, but they said it was a preventative thing...

Anyone have any information on all of this? What can we expect? :shock:

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I know all patients respond differently to treatment but if your Dad is anything like mine, stock up on the boost and other liquid nutrients. My Dad had the toughest time with radiation. He had the lung radiation, twice daily for about three weeks I believe. Week one was okay, week two, he told me he didn't want to live if he was going to feel so bad. He was very fatigued, nauseated and he had a hard time eating because of esophageal burn.

In comparison to the radiation, chemo was a cakewalk for my Dad. Let your Dad know it's doable though. His sense of well being will probably get worse before it get's better. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I tell my daughter when she gets hit by a softball to take the pain for the team. Your Dad, as the captain, will have to do the same.

Your Dad sounds like a fighter and he can get through it. His disease is curable, it may be tricky getting to the cure but he has his mission if he chooses to accept it :).

I spent every weekend with my Dad during treatment watching comedies. It helped to keep his spirits up when he was so miserable. But he got through it and we now spend weekends doing yard work and cleaning and stuff :roll: . He's become somewhat spoiled by my weekend commitment. I tease him but don't mind at all, I'm thankful to spend time with him.

The PCI wasn't as painful for him but he did spend most of his days sleeping for months. He's now about a year out from the PCI and spends about 10 hours a day awake. He's always been a big sleeper though. I've noticed no cognitive differences in him, he still has a better memory than me. Wish your Dad luck for me and let him know he will get better in time.

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I realize that everyone is different. My mom just finished her cranial radiation the 2nd week of Feb. She is still in bed. She now has radiation pneumonitis. It just has to work its way out. She is tried all the time and gets her nutirents through her port. She has actually gain weight that way. This is fairly common but not something they talk about. My mom gets a little confused but nothing scary. Just keep a good eye on his hydration. She was so sleeply she did want to eat and then she started coughing and vomiting from the pneumonitis. Going through the dehyration thing with the chemo, our general dr was more than happy to get her liquid. They then decided to do the nutirents because she still wasn't eating. There are a variety of thing that happen do to treatment. As long as you understand the side affects. Am I tring to say don't do it? Not at all. Our onc said there would be no choice if it were his own mother or sister, daughter or wife so I say prevention works. Just watch though. I have a feeling that the pci had alot to do with the pnuemonitis. I will be praying for you and your family. Your dad will do just fine but keep asking questions. Being in the dark doesn't help anyone. Take it from me(first hand).


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My wife painted the inside of our 1300 square foot house sunshine yellow while she was on radiaion. everybody is different. Good Luck and read the PM I Sent about trilogy if interested.Sending Prayers.

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My dad was doing wonderfully with radiation alone, but the radiation/chemo combo was too much and they gave him a one week break from radiation to rehydrate him and let him build up more strength. That was last week. He's back in radiaton today and says he's feeling very well, though they are continuing hydration until he's done w/radiation.

His first 3 weeks of radiation were a breeze, though. He did yard work, replaced the brakes on his car, etc... He had some throat pain which made eating difficult so he got drugs for that, and he developed acid reflux but high doses of Prevacid have helped so much.

I'll keep your dad in my thoughts.

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