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It's been a long road.....


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Well, I saw my oncologist on Wednesday. We agreed that I am no longer benefitting from the chemo. My body has had all it can take. I really never got any better after my last hospital stay.

At this point, it is causing more problems than it is helping, so I've been referred to hospice. I'm not at all familiar with how hospice works, but we did meet with a social worker at MD Anderson and they are helping us set everything up.

I knew it was getting close, my body just feels terrible all the time now. My husband and I are at peace with it, but I'm scared of what the next months have in store. My biggest hope is that that hospice can get my pain under control.

If I'm not on too much you all know why, you are all in my heart.

Thank you all for your love and support.


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I don't know much about hospice either, but the one thing that I do know is how expert they are at working with pain- I am sure that they will be able to help you. You have fought so hard, my best wishes are with you for comfort in the months ahead.

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Oh, dear, Teri,

My heart isn't just broken to read this - it is shattered into a million pieces. I am saddened beyond your imagination. You are one of the dearest, sweetest people I've ever known in my life.

I am glad to hear you and your husband have peace with this, and I hope the same is true for your son. Now, I am going to go look for some for myself. :cry:

I love you, sweet lady! God bless you!


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I am so very sorry you are in so much pain. I pray that hospice can make you comfortable. I don't have any experience to offer, but many here feel truly blessed to have their hospice help.

I want you to know that you have been such an inspiration and your words have touched my heart on so many occasions. You are a beautiful person, Teri. Hope to hear from you again soon . In the meantime, know that you can count on my prayers to be with you.

Love and Prayers,


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Teri,it is my understanding that the large majority of Hospice teams are true Godsends.Very good at managing any pain and also very skilled with helping with most all other issues as well.

You are one of my biggest inspirations on this board.We were diagnosed at almost the same time if memory serves me correctly.I have always been in awe of how much fight and determination you have always displayed.

I am very sorry the treatments are not helping any longer.We will keep you and your husband in our thoughts and prayers daily.

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I am one of your silent fans. I'm sorry to hear about the turn of events but understand you know what is right for you. You're the epitome of courage and strength and I'll still pray for your miracle.

Most of all, I wish you comfort. I hope hospice can manage your pain. Teri, you've touched more lives than you'll ever know through your journey. Please check in when you can. You're a blessed soul.

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Teri -

My heart breaks to read this -- yet I am so thankful that you are truly at peace. Hospice WILL get your pain under control -- they WILL. My mom's very best time was when we stopped dreadful treatment and she was pain free with hospice's help.

I know you have much good time ahead. I pray that you will not be fearful of anything ahead of you, that your body has a chance to recover from chemo and that you may truly enjoy living.

All my love and prayers go out to you,


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Dear Teri,

There are no regrets when you gave it your all. And you sure have done that, Teri.

I am glad that you have called for some help. I hope that you will have good nurses and good care.

I thank you for your kinship here and all of your good advice to me.

I wish you peace and comfort.

Cindi o'h

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I am saddened that it is time for hospice but I know they will be a help to you and your family. A good hospice will support all of you. The nurses should be able to help your pain- it's what they do.

You will always be in our hearts T.


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