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It's been a long road.....


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Dearest T Ann,

It has been so long since I have posted. I have come and read but just have not been able to post for some reason. I couldnt not post to this as I also have always read anything you have written and followed you're journey, come to love and respect you in every way. My heart breaks that with all you have been through you are where you are today. I pray for hospice controlling you're pain and you having some really great quality time without pain now Terri. I pray that when it is you're time to leave us that you will go peacfully and painlessly as my Brother did. Straight into the arms of our Lord. Eternally healthy and happy. I also pray for a miracle for you Sweetie. Know that we all love and admire you.

God Bless You,



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My prayers and thoughts have been with you daily and will continue to be.

I hope that you have the same wonderful experience with Hospice that Bill (and I) had. They are an incredible organization here in Cincinnati and helped improved the quality of Bill's life tremendously. I have faith that they will control your pain and give you and your family the same gift of peace that we were given. God Bless.


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Teri, I just know that Hospice will be able to help you so much with pain management. My experience with Hospice was a very good and positive one. Please remember that some people just feel so much better after their body gets a rest from treatment. Alan and Debbie have had a wonderful year with Alan off treatment, as he needed a rest. Always know that we love and admire you. My friend, you will remain in my most sincere prayers.

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