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Jesus, please help!


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I am asking for prayer for my entire family. My mom was dx'ed with limited small cell aug 05. Since then my entire family has taken a beating. My sister needs prayer because her marriage broke up. My grandmother is 90 years old and is caring for her daughter, her only child that has LC and is so afraid my mom will go before her. My dad which is ten years older than my mom (69) is in need of two knee replacments and is the primary care giver. My sister lives about an hour away and isn't able to be here. I live in the same town. My husband lost his job and it ended up that he took a job closer to home but making a lot less money and we are trying to help my mom and dad deal with the financial hardships of cancer. I have gained about 50 pounds, I myself quit smoking right before we found out it was lc. Otherwise I would never had been able to get through. I can't believe I let myself get this heavy. My family and I need lots of prayer please. My mom, if you were able to read any of my posts, has radiation pneumonitis, she is still in bed. We will be working on a year of sickness now and she is very disgusted. I can't blame her at all. We try to do everything she wants, even my kids spend there sat. sitting with her so she has something else to do. They just do that, I have really great kids and they sure do love there grandmother. We all had a panic attack when we found out what was happening. She is the beauty of our family. Jesus has always been the center but she holds us together. I let fear come in and it hasn't left yet. So please pray for us. I have become a person I don't even recognize. I know that we have an awesome god and that he promises healing for those that ask, but I get scared. What would we do if something does happen to her? Things have already changed, the dynamics of my family is different now, but my mom will always be my mom. Today when someone I hadn't seen for a few months ran into me, she just couldn't get over how much weight I put on. The first thing I did was call my mom and cry hysterical. Telling her "see I told you I was going to get fat if I quit." Of couse I told her not to worry, I am not going to smoke again.... I promised her I would months ago and I won't break that promise. Besides I would only be a fat smoker then. What would that get me? That is what I mean, That is what my mom does. She tells me I am beautiful and I will lose the weight. She tells me how much she loves me and is so proud of me. That is my mom, I love her and need her so much. Thank you for listening I hope you pray for us. Especially my mom please.


Remember " When prayers go up, Blessings come down".

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Of course I will pray. I first have to say that I would take fat over sick any day! I commend you for quitting smoking, and if a little weight is what you got from it...that is ok! You will get it off eventually, when life isn't in such an uproar! You have so many things going, and I can tell you that like me and many in my family, when the tough gets going, we turn to the fridge! Please know you have so many people who love you and who are supporting you and your family.

I pray God that you wrap your arms around this family and hold them close to know you love, that is undieing and constant. Help them to recognize that life on earth is not meant to be heaven, and that while we know pain here, we have you to pull us through. Lord, bless this family with peace, and keep them always in your care.


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Oh Becky,

You most certainly have my prayers for your entire family. It's such a crazy time, with everything going on and so many emotions to deal with. Congrats on quiting smoking, that is huge and the weight gain will come off in time.


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You family certainly can use all the prayers they can get.

I added them to my daily meditation prayers. I pray for some positive results. You mom seems like the pillar of the family. She is a very brave woman.

By the way you said your sister lives an hour away. That is not really far. I lived an hour from my mom and my sister lived an hour the opposite way and we were both always there when she needed us or even when she didn't.

Hang in there,


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