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Kasey update on Tracey

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You are too wonderful, you defintiely ARE!!!!! Tracy posts under TracyD. She is on Tarceva as 1st line tx and has now been on for 10 days. She has some rash that has now reached her face :roll: , BUT she seems to be albe to tell there is a a difference in her cough.........not as much :D !!!! YEAH!!!!!! That is it! All I know for now! She will be scanned in another 4 weeks and will meet and discuss in 5. Thanks for your prayers for her. We certainly can use all that we can muster up, ya know? Fred and I continue to PRAY and HOPE more than anyone could ever imagine we could!!

Thanks, Maryanne, for being such a caring friend!



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Deb worked Makeup wonders on her face and covered the RASH great. Did not even know she had it. Used Nivea White Cao for skin. Glad toihear good hews about Tracey. Hope you are also well.

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You guys are so great! I was surprised to read my name on a subject line so I thought I'd check it out. Thank you for asking, and caring, and praying.

I'm doing well, as is my family. My face is taking a beating from the Tarceva :( , but I've noticed that my cough is significantly less :D. I try not to think about it too much, I just have to believe that the Tarceva is doing it's job. I think my friends think I've gone completely crazy because I tell them that I talk to my body everyday. I tell it we're going to get rid of this thing, and that I'm going to take good care of it and give it what it needs, including the Tarceva, to fight. You know, kind of a daily pep talk (it does seem a bit crazy when I read it!)

I don't go for scans for 4 more weeks so I'm taking this time to decorate my new house and enjoy a little me time before the kids get out of school for the summer.

Thanks Again!


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So glad you and your family are doing well, Tracy. I don't think the pep talk thing is crazy either -- sounds like a wonderful idea!

Keep us posted -- otherwise, we "ask around" in here to find out how folks are doing if we haven't heard anything for awhile.

Have a great day,


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Hi Tracy,

Just to let you know that you have my prayers that Tarceva is doing it's job. I don't think it is crazy at all for you to talk to your body. Many chemo patients talk about how they visualize the chemo going into the body and destroying all the cancer. It sounds like a good and healthy idea , to me. Take care and know that you are being thought about .

Love and Prayers,


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Tracy thank your so much for posting. I am thrilled the Tarceva is working.

As for talking to your body, talk away. You certainly have the right attitude. Meditation and visualtation is also another a way to go. Keep picuturing your body being healthy and free of disease. Wrap that white light of healing around your body encapsulation your entire being from your toes to the top of your head.

W. Clement Stone, once said " Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve".

I will be thinking of you in 4 weeks, I just know you will have positive results. I am glad that you are keep yourself busy.

I love your attitude, you can see your are your aunt's neice. :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Tracey, I talk to my body too. Sometimes I kind of console it. I also talk to my tumor when I am having radiation. I say things like, "goodbye tumor", and "die tumor die".

I don't think it is crazy to talk in such a way. I think it helps.

I hope the tarceva oes the trick.

Don M

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Just Be Careful of where you are when you do start talking. Trying For A Little Levity here help me out ok :wink: Glad you are ok. DEbs Onc always said no cough was good cough. Sending PRayers

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I'm glad to read that your cough is getting better. I know from experience the couging can be exhausting. I would have periods where I would cough for a hour or so. I had trouble doing all the testing, CT's, PET, and even radiation treatments. Sometimes just talking was a real job. Talking would actually bring on these coughing spells.

As for the talking to yourself. It is one of the best things that you can do. I told myself everyday that I WAS GOING TO BEAT THIS THING. Keep that postive attitude up.

Best Wishes,


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