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Hello everyone. After being in denial over the past few months, I've finally decided to except the fact that my mom's cancer has returned. She has been cancer free for 15 years until this past January when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. 15 years ago she beat breast cancer and had held a sucessful fight using tamoxifin and yearly check-ups.

She had no symptoms, but one night after working on the computer she felt a little funny. After about 30 minutes my dad decided to take her to the emergency room. While they were getting into the car - she had a seizure. The ambulance was called and after several tests and a chest x-ray... it was confirmed as lung cancer and a piece of the lung cancer had broken off and floated to her brain.

The brain tumor was small and was removed with a one-time high-dose radiation treatment & she's just recently finished a 26 course of radiation on the lung. We are now playing the waiting game.... something I wish we didn't have to do and something I wish she would get a second opinion on. She's stubborn & trusts her cancer doctor that saved her 15 years ago - she won't go get a second opinion and I am finally facing the fact that she may die.

Thanks for listening.


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Megan, You have found the bst support group available I believe. Full of compassion and knowledge and sharing/caring. Am proud of mom for 15 year survival and sorry this had to happen. There are a lot of options including Clinical trials and an array of treatments now. Keep s posted on what course of treatment your mom is getting when her Onc decides that. Read the survivors forum and the good news forum if you or mom need inspiration and encouragement as to what can happen to this disease. I know you have been down this road before with Breast Cancer. This road is a little Bumpier, But is just as long and that is good news, Compared to a short road. Saying Prayers and let us know about treatment options.

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Hello Megan

I am sorry to hear about your mom having to fight this battle. I am glad you found this group though and you will find many great people here to help you understand what is happening and offer you advice and support.

Ask any questions you may have and you will get answers here.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your mom,


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Maybe if you can explain to your mom that when she had breast cancer, she needed to go to a breast cancer doctor, she will understand that now she needs a lung cancer doctor.

There is so much doctors are doing today. This is not a death sentence.

I hope she'll try with a second opinion, but if not, we're here for you either way.

Wishing you both the best.


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Hi and welcome. As you can see there are many people here who will support you through this unfortunate journey.

First you have to see how her CT comes out and if the radiation worked and there is shrinkage or more.

She should see a Onocologist that is a Lung Cancer specialist.

Keep us posted on her condition. We are always here to answer your questions or support. Whatever you need, we are here for you. LC is not a death sentence, there are so many different treatments out there they just have to find the right one that will work for her.

She beat it once, she can beat this again. She must keep a positive attitude as that is half the battle.


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welcome Megan:

I hope your mom's treatment is successful.

When my cancer came back, I saw a medical oncologist who specializes in lung cancer. Of course you have to respect your mom's wishes and she may be getting the best care possible now. But, I think seeing a lung cancer specialist can give one an edge in fighting the disease. Maybe you could talk her in to seeing one just to verify her treatment. That is basically what I did. I told my hometown onc that I wanted to get a second opinion at a major cancer center. He gave me the name of doc with a national rep as a lung cancer expert. The specialist agreed with my local onc as to treatment.

Don M

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