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Really, Really Sensitive Skin During Treatment


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Mom currently has really sensitive skin, all over her body -- no rashes, no dryness (at least no more than what she had before dx). Wearing clothing has gotten to be really irritating for her. Can't wear anything "restrictive" anymore, like bras. She says, so far, that soft, brushed cotton, like PJ tops, is the most comfortable for her (wish she'd just wear those out for treatments, but she won't....not yet anyway; she's got some really pretty ones that wouldn't be embarrassing to be seen in public with too).

This started before radiation got going. Sort of makes sense to me that it could happen since skin cells could be generally affected as much as blood, hair, and anything else that usually regenerates fast in the body.

Would appreciate any tips that might make this better from anyone who has experienced this; Having a hard time locally finding clothing that seems "soft" enough for her to wear too -- catalogue/internet ordering for brands/etc. of possibilities by description seems risky, unless I have some clue that something might actually work.

Thanks in advance,


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I'm Don's wife. Don too had the super sensitive skin. It was so bad that just WALKING by him and the breeze from it, made his skin ache.

So, while his mom was visiting one week, she cut the necks out of his older t-shirts to avoid the material touching his neck and collar bone. This helped alot especially since Don's skin split open from the radiation burns.

Then for bathing, I bought him "Phisoderm sensitive skin soap". It's a white soap - NOT the gold/yellow one for acne. In fact, look for the liquid soap, but if can't find, it comes in white bar soap, too. It works wonders!! We still use it.

And then get some cream from the radiation onc dept.

Don got one for "radiodermatitis". Smells nice and very silky. You can alternate it with a nice hand/body lotion like Jergens ultra sensitive skin or something. THat's what I used on Don.

Then, loose clothing and your pain meds.

If we can think of anything we left out, we'll post again.

God bless you and remember the Lord hears you and is with you.

Letty Laughery

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