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Prayers for Keith's Surgery 5/9/06


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Tomorrow Morning Keith will go in for his Chemo Embellization surgery. Essentially they will be shutting down half his liver and administering chemo and something called theraspheres directly to that half of the liver in an effort to relieve the pain he has been having.

It is surgery, and the thought of shutting down his liver scares me. I am praying he doesn't have any complications, and no problem getting the liver function back. I am praying so hard for it to be successful, painless, and quickly recovered from. I am praying it heals his tired liver.

I am asking my family here to keep Keith in their thoughts and prayers tomorrow as he is under the knife. He is going in around 9:30 AM central time, and probably having the procedure around 11:00-11:30.

Thanks, and much love being sent to you all


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Carleen and Keith,

I will be thinking of you BOTH tomorrow and praying for the BEST results possible..........pain free and a liver on the mend.

This is something 'new' I haven't heard before. Hopefully it is cutting edge and very successful. Let us know ASAP. I tend to be somewhat of a worrier myself, Carleen. I know you can identify with that!

Starting right now with fervent prayers for relief.


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Thank you for the update, and of course you can count on my prayers. I pray that God watches of you and Keith, and that he gives you peace both from this surgery and from the heavy load that cancer has had on the two of you. I pray that God keep you strong, and that He watches the doctors and health care professionals who will be performing procedures. I pray in thankfulness to God for your love for each other, and for the support you provide Keith.

God Bless you Carleen!

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I will absolutely be praying for you and Keith. I really hope this will be a successful procedure, I am so glad there are trying it.

When Ken had his liver resection he had a very large, v shaped incision. He could not have any anything to eat or drink until everything started working again, which took about 5 days. They put an epidural in prior to surgery for pain control, but it was not very effective for him. They took it out and gave him oral meds after a couple of days which was better. The real pain started after he ate, gas pain they said. His best relief was getting up and walking.

Possibly, Keith is having the VATS procedure, which is much less invasive, but not always doable. I know this is a totally different procedure and I so hope that it puts a halt to those tumors. Please keep us updated, you and Keith are always on our minds.

Karen H

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saying Extrya special Prayers under the Carolina Blue Sky ( Grey Today from storms) But still outside tonite. Hopefully you might get us in Chat Maybe, If Possibly when you get home and let us know. If Not Will be thinking about you until you get back to us. Best wishes and Much Good Luck With this surgery. :wink:

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