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swollen gland and a little whine


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I have a swollen gland under my jaw, possibly and inch away from the jawbone. And it is painful to the touch.

Now the whine:

Who do i call?

the oncologist

the internist

the ENT (multinodular goiter)

or my dentist? (gum infection?)

Called the onc nurse first, left a message. Called the internist next, could not get an appointment when I wanted, that nurse said the dr would send me to the onc anyway.

Got a call back from the onc nurse. Could be an infection, probably viral, put hot compresses, see you in 2 weeks for scheduled visit.

so I guess I don't panic?


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Don'tcha just love the game.........it's called 'The Runnaround'.......... and seems all the docs know how to play it :x ! Like you, I was a sixth grade teacher. Ever wonder what would've happened if WE played that game with parents? SCARY thought! We would have been called on the carpet for sure :evil: ! How about just a regular old appointment with your good ole family doc. Maybe he/she could get something to happen for you. In the meantime, GOOD LUCK with it. We both know, in all actuality it is probably nothing. Wouldn't it be nice to simply think a swollen gland, is a swollen gland, is a swollen gland, and not get all freaked out? Guess those naive days are long gone, huh?


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Not to panic--easier said than done! Like Kasey said in all probability it is NOTHING. Also good sign that it is tender, I know I read all over that for the "scary" stuff it is typically non-tender.

Whatever you do, and this is coming from someone who would need handcuffs practically, do NOT poke at it. :) That will make it inflame more, I know someone that once happened to.

If panic overcomes you (which hopefully it won't), call back your internist and keep askign for cancellations, maybe he/she can feel it for you and give you reassurance based on the texture.

Take care of yourself.

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I can understand your feelings of panic, makes me want to panic just thinking about it.

As Andrea said, sometimes they can get an idea by the texture, you could go into the emergency room at night. That's how my father found out. If they think it's an infection they could give you strong antibiotics and it would start to go down in size fairly quickly.

Realistically speaking, I would place a bet that it's an infection but I would be upset if I had to wait like you.

I miss those innocent days of not jumping into a panic over everything.

Good luck


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Hard not to over react and think every thing is cancer. That is what i tend to do. When i had bronchitis my PCP gave me medicine that zapped it quickly. Wish i had gone to her before i went through a week of anitibiotics with no results from the onc. So maybe your PCP is the best bet to start off with. The PCP i go to gets me in the same day i call or the next day. I love her. praying for you to be able to not be anxious. pammie

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