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Suki update


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hi all! I am reading and lurking, laughing and crying, and praying a whole lot with all of you, even though I haven't been posting.

here's the Suki update, because I thought some of you might need it, it's so miraculous: two weeks ago, she called the oxygen people (after consulting with her surgeon, Dr. Handsome) and had them come pick up all their stuff - the tanks, the converter (forget that actual name for it) and all the trappings. she is on Suki steam only now, and doing great. her next scans/check up with her onc. is in July, and no one's worried a bit. it's just magic.

last mother's day, we didn't know the beast was back. this mother's day, it's been vanquished again!! :D

I am fine, working alot, living life, getting rolling on an LC event here in NYC and an ACS event in DC in the fall, and it is, as they say, all good. I am still computerless at home, but, although it means I haven't been here much, it has also slowed the delivery of motorcycle parts to our apartment, which is nice.

you're all in my thoughts frequently, and a few of you even more than that...



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WONDERFUL Suki news, Amie!!! I have been WAITING for a LONG time to hear how she's been doing!!!!!! This will be a GREAT Mother's Day for you guys! Hurray!

Okay........you're reading and lurking............I want POSTS too! Why no posts!!!!!! Your absence hurts here, Miss Bunny! Maybe I'm just having Bunny withdrawal......don't know!

At any rate....thanks for dropping by with HAPPY news!



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Well my dear friend Alan and I couldn't be happier to

hear this wonderful news :P Your mom is a fighter

and sounds as if she is ready to take control of her

life again. you sound busy but good and I am happy

that is the case. All is well here on the west coast

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Such great news, Amie. I am so happy for both you and Suki. I'm sure Mother's Day will be a very special occasion this year at Suki's house! I think it is just so awesome that she was able to return all of the oxygen! This is just such good news!

And...I know what you mean about the motorcycle parts...lol!

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Sorry to be late , but I want you to know I am so happy to hear the Suki report. This is the kind of news that keeps us going here. I also want to thank you for all that you continue to do for lung cancer. Missing you and hope to see you here more often. In the meantime know that you are in my prayers.



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