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Tarceva & Hair loss


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This is my first time posting. I've been on Tarceva for 4 mo and am losing a significant amount of hair. I'm getting it cut again, close to my scalp and I'm thinking about getting a wig...no one told me about this side affect, my Onc can't even tell me how much more I will lose. I'm not concerned so much with losing it as I am over whether it will grow back since Tarceva is a daily thing. Does anyone know if it grows back?!!?

Either way, I'll live with it!

Molly :roll:

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my mom has been on Tarceva since July 2005 and is now having hair loss. I found Alterna Life Products online after another cancer site (cancer compass) has someone on there who had it stop completely after using these products. My mom wants to wait and see for a bit before she gets them. Hope this helps!

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Hi Molly,

My hair started falling out about 5 months ago. None of it has grown back yet, although my onc seems to think it will.

The worst part I think is the scalp is bright red where the hair has fallen out, so much for not standing out!!!!

Not only do I have hair loss, but my remaining hair has decided to revisit the 80's. It is taking on a crimped appearance and has turned a ginger colour. Mmmmmmmm, very attractive, NOT!

However, I have rejected the idea of a wig, just personal choice I guess.

Hope it all goes well for you,


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Hi Sharon,

Thank you for sharing your decision not to get a wig. I've been so torn over it, I think I need to, & yet I really don't want one....give me a scarf! Bummer your scalp is red! My face is red from the rash that seems to never go completely away...my scalp is white! Actually, I look like I had "plugs" put in..well, it's short. I hope for both our sakes it does grow back. I did go so far as to have my eyebrows lightly tattooed in before I completely loose them, made me feel better. Other than that, I don't think I stand out in a crowd but I wonder why your scalp is so red..probably dry also? Have you tried aquaphore? Good Luck to you & thanks again for sharing your ordeal (I'm glad the Tarceva is helping!) Be well.


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I have no experience with hair loss from drugs, but my hair is thinning on the top. A bald spot right in the front of my hairline. I heard about this product from a member online and I use it, constantly. I don't know what I would do without it. I use to use a crayon but it was so messy and came off. This product is wonderful and does not come out until you wash your hair.

Here is the website.


Maryanne :wink:

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My mom's is thinning on top and balding right at her hairline in the front- strange isn't it?? She been on Tarceva since July 2005 and we can't figure out why this happening so late in the game!!

Thanks for the tip!! I'll look into it!

Kelly :D

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