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Udate on Connie B, FROM: Connie B

Connie B

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Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there????? :lol::lol:

Well, I'm HOME!! HOORAY!! Don't feel TOOOOO BAD EITHER??!!

I am not going to write much at this point, but BOY DO I have a LOT of CATCHING UP TO DO!! Not to mention all the THANK YOU'S I need to follow up on. YOUR THE GREATEST!!!

I haven't read one message on the board yet, but I did want to say HI and let you know I'm home and doing better each and every day!!


I'm also CHEERING ON OUR DAVID PIERCY for I know he is peddling his little BUNS right about now!!! :wink: Way to go BUDDY!!!

I'll be back soon!

Love to you ALL.

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What a fighter you are! You continue to provide us all with inspiration. I am so glad that you are home and on the mend, improving daily. Your extrodinary determination and attitude kept this monster away for 8 years, you will conquer it again this time as well! Continued prayers!


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It is really great to have you back and know that you are feeling better. Take it easy and we are all praying for a speedy recovery for you. You are such an inspiration to all of us..... You help to keep all of us motivated to kick this ugly monster in the bud. We cannot say thank you enough, you are a special lady....... Keep the faith and God's speed for healing and curing all of us.

God Bless and take it easy



Dx'd 3-03 - 3a - NSC - radiation 3-25-03 to 5-15-03, taxol/carbo 4-1-03 to 5-20-03, taxol/carbo 7-23-03 (every 3 weeks for 6-8 cycles).

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