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Coming out of the dark

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I've been lurking for a few months now and have decided it is finally time to come out of the dark and introduce myself. My 78 year old mother was diagnosed with NSCLC, Squamous cell this past February after going to the doctor for a routine check-up to clear her for cataract surgery. The day she was told that she had cancer she attended a funeral for my dad's cousin that died from lung cancer. We were also told that it appeared to have spread to a lymph node and plearal lining. But after the PET scan and Bronchoscope they confirmed that it was Squamous cell (slow growing - yea!) and that it was contained in the lung and not spread to the lining or lymph nodes. We felt that was reason to celebrate. "Mom has a tumor the size of a grapefruit but it is slow growing and not spread so we are thankful!"

Mom has just completed 35 rounds of radiation and 7 doses of chemo. She was scheduled for 2 more days of radiation this week, but she has had problems eating due to swallowing and the knot in her stomach so the doctor said he is comfortable with today being her last radiation. (She lost 3 pounds this week.) Mom has a weak stomach and normally does not tolerate meds very well so I am VERY pleased with how well she has done with her treatments. She has been extremely tired and has had problems eating but has continued to eat despite the problems. She was a bit sick last week so they gave her a couple days break to help get her through. Also has burns from the radiation but she is a trooper and does not complain. Her doctor wanted her to have 4 more full dose chemo sessions but I think mom is tired of not feeling good and wants to be able to get out and enjoy what time she has left so I don't think she will complete the rest of the chemo treatments.

We've also been dealing with health issues for my 80 year old father. Actually, we have been taking care of him and his issues more than mom which is ironic as she is the one who is REALLY sick. Luckily I am from a large family so we have been able to share the responsibilities, but sometimes it still seems overwhelming. My heart goes out to all of you who have to battle this on your own.

I have learned a LOT from this site and am thankful for all of you who have shared your stories.


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Welcome Karen!!!

I have seen you lurking around here and there and am glad to finally get to 'meet' ya! I am so sorry about your Mother, as well as your Dad having his own problems. Hopefully Mother will recoup from her tx and have lots of productive feeling good time with you all. Please come here often for support and info. Fill us in with more info as to your Mother's dx, your Dad's status, and how your family is doing.

Glad you stepped forward, Karen! We're here for you.


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Welcome Karen:I hope the chemo worked well for you mom and that she can have some good days now.

I hope your dad has some good days too.

I also was raised in a large family and all of us sibs took turns taking care of my brother when he had lc.

Don M

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Welcome, thanks for posting,

I'm happy to read that we have been

helpful to you by just reading posts.

There is much to be learned here and

lots of support, also.

I hope you choose to keep posting and

keep us informed of what's going on with

your mother and yourself.


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Hi Karen,

Welcome here. I am thrilled that you came out of the shawdows. Now we can give you support and prayers if you want.

I am so sorry to hear about your mom and dad. This must be such a heavy burden to carr around. I know how scared your must be watching your parents decline.

We are always here. Please if you have any questions or just need support or to vent and need spport ask away.

Let us know about your moms progress. You may want to do a profile of her that will apprear on the bottom of your post so we could know more about her.


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Hi, Karen,

Good to hear that it looks as if it hasn't spread. And that your mother was able to tolerate the treatment (almost until the end). If my husband's experience in an indicator, it was probably the radiation that got to her towards the end. At first it seemed like a breeze but by the time it was ending, Len was exhausted. It took him months -- perhaps half a year -- to get back to himself. But if it did its job, then it was well worth it.

Let us know how it goes,


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Thanks for all your encouraging words of support.

Ellen - thanks for letting me know how long it took your husband to bounce back. Mom seems worse now than when she was having treatments and I know its early yet but its hard to not wonder if it is from the treatment or if the cancer is getting the best of her. She was not sick or in pain before treatment and kept very busy so she is eager to get back to 'normal'.


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Hi Karen,

I know I'm late, but wanted to welcome you and say how happy I am you came out of the shadows.

I am terribly sorry about all you are going through with both your mom and dad. Whew, you must just be emotionally and mentally drained from it all. I know only how I feel dealing with one loved one and LC.

Please come back and share with us and let us help support you and carry this burden at least all we can help emotionally over the wire.

I am very happy to hear mom tolerated treatment well, and is still continuing to eat even though she doesn't feel all that great. It will do a lot to help her regain her strength and energy.

And as Ellen mentioned it can be a long road to travel before mom feels like her old self again. My husband too had radiation with chemo at the same time a couple of times. The biggest thing was exhaustion, and it took months following the treatment ending before he felt better. In fact this last time, he felt fine all through the radiation and chemo, but about a week after it seemed like he bottomed out and just couldn't function. He had extreme exhaustion which in turn made him feel worse all over, body aches and shortness of breathe. Its been about 2 months since stopping the radiation and he still is struggling but each day gets a little more energy. Just tell mom it is normal, do not worry and assume it is the cancer. It could be hard on her body because her body is working so hard killing those cancer cells that it is just leaving her with nothing left over for herself.

Get lots and lots of rest, naps, fluids, and multiple small snacks throughout the day.

I will be praying for mom and dad, and for you too.


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Hello Karen and welcome..

This site and all the people are God's Angels that no one ever sees..Take it from me!!

Please know you and your family are in my prayers..I wish there was something i could do for you to ease your pain..

God's Blessings to you and your family,


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