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Vitamin B-17


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I have initially posted as a newbie on here and i assume like many others who are going through lc we look at other options. My wife has found something about apricot seeds vitamin b-17.There seems to a lot in favour of it! BUT this all comes from people in the 1970`s i cannot find anything that gives a representation of 2006. Does anyone have any information regarding vitamin b-17 or is this just another ploy by people trying to get money from people who live on hope.I have been told they are numerous things out there promising this and that as a cure or as a assistance to cancer but i am not taking in that easy.Anyone who has used b-17 or heard anything about it negative or positive your replies would be most welcome



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I am pretty sure a study was done on this a long time ago and showed no benefit. I believe it is illegal in the US. Something about cyanide, I think. I would not put much stock (or anything else into this). I did a lot of research for my husband and was willing to try about anything, this did not impress me. Exotic mushrooms impressed me, you might want to research there. Good luck.

Karen H

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Thanks for your replies like you i know nothing except what i have read.So here is hoping that we may here something positive.I know a study was done a long time ago but nothing for the modern day.As far as the cyanide goes apperently you cannot extract it from the nut. The nut releases it but it is controlled by another drug within the nut? I have read some hospitals actuallu use it in germany and mexico but i have not found out which yet but i will keep loking

I certainly do not want to hear from anyone who is trying to sell it unless they have a modern day assessment of this, I know they are in nut form so that is not to bad as i like nuts anyway, anyway here is hoping i will have a look at the mushrooms also


jim :D

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http://www.mja.com.au/public/issues/183 ... 91_fm.html

This is an article from the Australian Journal Of Medicine. Also you may want to go through the Alternative Med Section Or do a site search For B-17. Making a note If I see anyhting credible will let you know.

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Hi cynical_angel

thank you for that it makes interesting reading, But it also dismisses most other herbal remedies along with B-17.So it contradicts other sites i have read but it makes very interesting reading. I do beleive that it is going to be an individual decision to take it or not but i think at this stage i will leave it alone until i find any positive evidence

thanks you



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Hi Jim,

I don't know how old you are, but I remember the actor Steve McQueen, who had lung cancer, going to Mexico for some kind of apricot pit therapy. And even more recently, I don't remember who, but some celebrity also tried it. Didn't work for either, but would love to hear some positive outcomes.


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Once again let me thank you for your replies, that australian article makes interesting reading

Karhart i have looked into the mushrooms and found this article are these the ones you are on about as it certainly makes an interesting read.? Especially as it has a modern day facts.

thanks jim

Ganoderma Lucidum: How A Mushroom Heralds An Important Breakthrough In The Fight Against Cancer

The Chinese mushroom Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum) has long been held in high esteem in China as a potent natural remedy which is also thought to be capable of bestowing longevity. In fact, ancient Chinese holy men believed that whoever consumed the mushroom regularly would become immortal, which is why they coined it "the mushroom of immortality".

Now, while this mushroom certainly won't make you live forever, scientists have been investigating the medicinal properties of Ganoderma and have been astounded by the results yielded so far.

They've been particularly impressed by the powerful anti-cancer action Ganoderma appears to possess. Numerous studies, including one carried out at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Ehime University in Japan, have revealed that it can help prevent the spread of cancer, especially of the prostate, breast, liver and spleen.1

Ganoderma encourages the death of cancerous cells

According to Japanese researchers, Ganoderma contains natural chemicals called triterpenoids, which possess an important anti-cancer action. They are able to inhibit the blood supply to cancerous cells - preventing oxygen and other nutrients from feeding them.1

On the other side of the Pacific, US scientists working at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute in Indianapolis, have shown that Ganoderma is able to block several chemicals, including AP-1, NF-kappaB and uPA, which promote the spread and development of cancerous cells.2

According to Dr Sliva who led the study, "Our data suggest that the spores and the body of Ganoderma lucidum inhibit the spread of breast and prostate cancer cells by a common mechanism, and would have a potential therapeutic use for the treatment of cancer".

Protects DNA and possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties

Scientists have theorised that another possible way in which Ganoderma may prevent cells from turning cancerous is by protecting vital DNA tissue. When DNA becomes damaged by free radicals, toxins or ultraviolet radiation, the risk of cancer is known to increase.

Korean scientists from the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute tested Ganoderma on cancerous cells and then examined the DNA. They found that Ganoderma protects DNA from damage caused by free radicals and by radiation. They concluded that the mushroom merits further investigation as a potential preventative agent against cancer.3

Natural plant chemicals called phenolic compounds, which are known to be extremely effective in fighting free radicals, are also thought to play an important role in fighting cancer. Chinese researchers from the National Chunh-Hsing University, in Taiwan, have found that Ganoderma contains high concentrations of these beneficial phenolic compounds.4

Finally, Ganoderma appears to inhibit an inflammatory chemical called Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF). This chemical is strongly implicated in heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer. Ganoderma is able to keep TNF under control, which may reduce the risk of these chronic conditions developing.5

Prostate cancer appears to respond particularly well to Ganoderma

A team of scientists from the Department of Urology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York, reported on the remarkable case of a patient with prostate cancer.

This patient received treatment with Ganoderma and genistein every day for six weeks, before he was due to have surgery to remove his prostate. You may remember that HSI brought you a report, in your February 2002 edition, on the benefits of genistein - a plant chemical present in soya that has been found to help prevent prostate cancer.

This combined treatment approach produced a significant effect on his Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) levels. A PSA blood test is commonly performed to evaluate prostate problems, as patients with prostate cancer typically have high PSA levels. After the six-week treatment programme, doctors were amazed to discover that the patient's PSA reading had fallen from an initial 19.7 ng/mL to a mere 4.2 mg/mL. When the patient went to have his surgery performed, the surgeons found that there was no sign of cancer in his prostate tissue.6

This is far from being an isolated case.

For daily reports on the very latest health breakthroughs, join our FREE daily email service:

Two years earlier, doctors working at the Squier Urological Clinic, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York, reported the recovery of two patients with prostate cancer who were treated with Ganoderma.

Both men had been offered conventional treatment for their prostate cancer but decided to opt for a natural treatment approach instead. In this instance, they received Ganoderma together with other herbs like saw palmetto, which has also been found to be effective against prostate cancer.

Again both patients' PSA readings were found to have dropped significantly. No side effects were reported in either case.7

What to take for best results

The recommended dosage for maintaining overall health is 0.5g to 1g of Ganoderma a day. For those at high risk of cancer (such as those with a family history of the disease) a dosage of 2-5g of Ganoderma is suggested as a preventive measure. No adverse side effects have been reported following the use of Ganoderma.

1.Kimura Y, Taniguchi M, Baba K. Anticancer Res 2002;22(6A):3309-3318

2. Sliva D, Labarrere C, Slivova V, Sedlak M. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2002;298(4):603-612

3. Kim KC, Kim IG. Int J Mol Med 1999;4(3):273-277

4. Mau JL, Lin HC, Chen CC. J Agric Food Chem 2002;50(21):6072-6077

5. Gao Y, Zhou S, Wen J. Life Sci 2002:72(6):731-745

6. Ghafar MA, Golliday E, Bingham J et al. J Altern Complement Med 2002;8(4):493-497

7. de la Taille A, et al. J Altern Complement Med 2000;6(5):449-451

01.04.2003 :D:D:D

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Hi Jim

You might be interested in taking a look at this website:


The site is obviously pro-laetrile (B-17), and in my experience, it is almost impossible to find a website that offers a 'balanced' view on 'alternative' medicine.

Treatment decisions are so difficult. The reality is that traditional therapy (chemo/radio) works brilliantly well for only a limited number of people. The rest might have relatively limited, temporary responses, and many suffer from deleterious side effects.

It seems to me that many 'alternative or complementary' medicines get a bad rap because they do not 'cure' cancer. Well, last time I looked, chemotherapy doesn't often 'cure' cancer either, and yet patients are encouraged to do it. I'm not saying that patients shouldn't do chemo - I would if I had cancer. But we should also not be too quick to discount non-traditional methods of treatment before we have really investigated them thoroughly.

Good luck with your research, and I hope you find something that helps. I sent you a pm with another website for you to look at (www.lef.org).


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Hi karenl

That certainly made very interestig reading so there we go pro and a non-pro view on vitamin b-17.You are so right people do dismiss alternative methods if it is not medical? Anyway since my last post i ahve spoken to a guy that was in the hospital at the same time as me having the same op. He actually mentioned this Vitamin B-17 saying his friend had throat cancer he was giving 6 months to live but 15 months later he is back to work and the cancer seems to under control!! On that i am going to give it a try i will become a guinea pig for B-17 and i will tell it as it is , i am having chemo so i will include the B-17 as i do believe you have to have the medical treatment also so as from when i start taking the nut kernels i will keep everyone posted as to the results (Good or Bad) This will enable everyone to have a first hand opinion on the B-17


jim :lol:

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Jim, You are an inspiration I think You are undertaking something that no one knows much about and has not really written about. Do not look at this as being a Guinea Pig hink of yourself as a Pioneer. Thought I would sheare that thought with ya and Good Luck. Make Sure to tell ONC about B-17 IF on chemo Hteyt have to know everything you know.

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Hi randyw

thanks for your pm. i do not class myself as a pioneer i only want to do what i think is right i am so tired of reading different forums on the b-17 for and against.

My philosophy is i need to do it whatever the outcome,!!Then post my finding on these boards this will at least allow me to stop any nefarious characters trying to make money out of peoples suffering. If it works then (WoW) but i must stress that everyones body chemical is different and we all respond to medicines in different ways so what may or may not work for me may have an adverse effect on others.So it must be a individual decision based on the outcome of my trial.

By the way how do i post my stats on the site?



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I Believe that what you want to do is click on the Profile tab under Support. In the Large box you can list events in the profile plus any thing else you want.

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Hi Randy

Thanks i have found out how to do that i am now having rouble trying to upload my avatar :? Do i need to contact a moderator?


ps im off to bed now its 12.35am and im tired so good night from me or it may be good morning to you?


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When You Get a chance if you send it to KatieB Or Rick @lchelp.com I Believe they can help with it.

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