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anyone look into/doing trial HKI-272 after Tarceva failed?


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First Check New Meds for complete List Of trials is on sticky List I have several good starters There. Might also save you some time. After Deb was taken off Tarceva she was On Etoposide. trying To find HKI -271 info.

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Not sure what the results are of the HKI trials.

You might also want to research

EKB-569 - it is another irreversible EGFR inhibitor.

The trials is phase I, though so you have to take that into account

I am not sure if other EGFR drugs like erbitux would be tried or not. Erbitux acts on the outside of the cell instead of the inside like Tarceva

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Erbitux does not work as well as Tarceva for some NSCLC. see link below

http://www.dfci.harvard.edu/abo/news/pr ... ective.asp

http://www.drugdevelopment-technology.c ... s/zactima/

A New drug called Zactima (ZD6474) is being developed also (from AstraZeneca, same manufacturer as Iressa

You can do searches on google for

TKI or

"tyrosine kinase inhibitor"


"EGFR inhibitor"


ErbB-1 inhibitor - to find other drugs of this class

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other drugs


Drug |


characteristics |


selectivity |

Clinical development


EMD 72000 Humanized MAb Selective for EGFR Phase I

ABX-EGF Fully human MAb Selective for EGFR Phase I

hR3 Humanized MAb Selective for EGFR Phase I

CI-1033 Irreversible TKI Pan-ErbB inhibitor Phase I

PKI-166 Reversible TKI EGFR/ErbB-2 dual inhibitor Phase I

GW2016 Reversible TKI EGFR/ErbB-2 dual inhibitor Phase I

EKB-569 Irreversible TKI EGFR/ErbB-2 dual inhibitor Phase I

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My mom passed away almost 2 months ago (NSClC-stage IV with mets to the brain) The last drug she was on before she died was HKI--It did wonderful things for the cancer in her lungs, it shrunk and stopped growth of the cancer. Unfortunately, it was still too late for my mom because the cancer had just spread so far into her abdomen and for some reason (I think related to all of the fluid and swelling) the drug was not able to get to the lower half of her body.

Tarceva didn't work for my mom so it was a surprise that hki was working so well on the lung cancer (she was a non-smoker)

Anyway, I would try it if you can!

Best wishes


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I did a bit more research and even spoke to the people at Cleveland Clinic since it is the closest one to us. They said that she would have to go there for an evaluation and see what happens from there. She just saw her onc yesterday and staying the course on Tarceva as it is holding that one spot at bay for now. I guess then the Tarceva has not failed. That is until it does and the cancer spreads. I am still going to keep up on the trials for when that time comes.

Kelly :D

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