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Ozone air purifiers pose a lung risk

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I was going to post this article also, as we have had a BAD experience with this type of machine. My parents were sold one of these machines while trying to get a mold problem cleaned up in their basement. Mom already has emphysema but while this machine was plugged in her breathing became VERY bad. This all just happened to be going on at the same time mom was visiting many doctors and getting her diagnosis of lung cancer. Mom felt it was the machine affecting her breathing so she unplugged it. The next day we had an appt with the pulmonologist and her breathing was only at 29% capacity. While discussing her health history we mentioned the mold and the air purifier. The doctor said those machines should come with a warning as they are VERY dangerous to people with breathing problems as they emit ozone. My mom went back to the doctor the following week and her breathing was up to 45% capacity.

We believe this machine could have killed our mother. I also believe that if that had happened we would have thought it was the lung cancer, not this machine. I do believe that some air purifiers can help, you just need to be sure it is not one that emits ozone!


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