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Getting to Know You - May 11


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Hey all. I have really enjoyed doing all of the GTKY questions and want to continue. It does seem that the participation level has dropped significantly and I want to make sure this is something you want to continue. I have lots of questions...just want to make sure you aren't getting too burned out with this? Please post your opinion.

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Ann,the spring weather seems to sometimes affect the amount of responses.It has usually been the same with most all of the forums.

Spring cleaning,planting flowers,mowing twice a week instead of once,and many other fun things like out enjoying the sunshine seem to lessen the posts.

I enjoy your GTKY's very much even tho I don't always respond to them.

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I do really like them, but there is so much on here that I have to reply too, Sometimes I just don't get to the Just for fun forum like I used too. I am also busy with other things and don't have as much time as I did.

It is up to you what you want to do. Sometimes I just don't have an answer to some of your posts but that is just me.

I think you are great to take your time to do this. Maybe instead of every day maybe you can do it once a week. But I definetely admire you for taking time everyday to do this. It does make us know more about the people on here. But I don't seem to go back to it after I post as I have to move on to all the other posts.

But that is just me. I know you will get a lot of input from your question.

Thank you Ann for all you do and it is alot.

Maryanne :wink:

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Please don't stop!

These can be a lighter moment away from some serious posts.

I too don't always have an answer but alway enjoy everyone else's. I will enjoy them as long as you want to ask them and have missed them lately

As for not so many responses, there don't seem to be as many posts lately on any subject..........or is that my imagination?


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Please don't stop if you want to continue. I'm real busy at work right now and don't have time to post much, but always read at night.

If one of your questions really reaches out and grabs me, I post. Otherwise someone has already posted something I would have or I feel too guilty just replying to the 'fun' post, when I don't have time to answer multiple posts, so I lurk.

Either way, alot of these questions make you think, and there is nothing wrong with thinking, whether you reply or not...

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I love the posts, I don't always respond but I do

read them and think they are great fun.

It must be hard coming up with new ones all

of the time so if you are tired and need a break

it is certainly understandable.

Otherwise, I always make it a point to read them.

There have been many days when the board is so full

of negatives that those light hearted posts of yours really does help lighten things up and that can't be easy :D

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I am a hit or miss with the GTKY. Sometimes I have a response. Most of the time I don't.

I don't always read them, but I would miss them if you stopped, I think.

If you can continue with it, and it is not too much trouble for you, then I hope you do.

I have had a lot of fun and laughter with some of your threaded games... (remember Elvis and Frank's chocolate donuts, and Leslie and Rochelle's crazy and fun turns...lol)

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