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Can a fast-growing nodule be anything OTHER than cancer?


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My mother was diagnosed today with probable (99%) lung cancer. The reason it's not 100% is that she refuses all further diagnostics and treatment. Please don't tell me to convince her to get them, because she won't (not even a simple needle biopsy). The doctor said she has a nodule on her lung that has grown in size 50% since last month. The question I failed to ask the doctor is: Is there ANYTHING ELSE (fast growing) that could show up on the xray other than cancer (and therefore be removed with little or no chance of recurring?). If so, I MAY be able to convince her to have the biopsy (but probably not).

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I dont have much of an answer except to say that based on my mom's chest xray and ct scan at time of diagnosis, before any biopsy, a pulmonologist said it was 99% lung cancer; 1% valley fever (valley fevere being so unlikely due to where we live).

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