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How dangerous is cloning?


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I had my first dream about my dad in which he shows up.

But it isn't him...it's his clone.

Dad's Clone is lying on my grandmother's couch having a nap....just like Dad used to do.

Mom and I are washing dishes in the kitchen and talking about him. We're conflicted. It is a younger version of him. Very handsome. I argue that she should try it like a boyfriend. It could work I say.

She is hesitant. He doesn't have our memories. He doesn't know the things we did together that made us love each other.

He wakes up and is laughin in the other room. We join in the fun. Same ol tease. Everything seems the same. He places his hand on Mom's thigh. the look on her face says...this could work.

Mom and Dad's clone.

I don't know if I like my imagination today. The hope in the dream that Mom could him again. The thought that I could hear his laugh and he could be youthful and strong.

God, I miss him. (Please don;t think for one minute I am seriously entertaining the thought of actually cloning my dad. As if! This was just a dream remember)

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