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Head garments


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Hi everyone.

My mom has begun losing her hair from the chemo and she has me looking for a head garment. I've seen women wearing them around the hospital, but I didn't want to stop someone and just ask. I didn't want to be rude, plus the hair problem has only become a recent issue.

Still, does anyone know a good retailer or online site where one can shop these garments?

Thanks in advance.



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John I had bought some nice 'Do rags' or scarves at Target for around the house. Check with your Onc because Hospital may also have a facility. The yellow Pages under Wigs might be another.Something that a lot of people may not know is thaat if you get a wig; You can ask your onc for a prescription for a cranial Prosthesis and Insurance may help with cost. If not it can be listed on taxes as a medical expense and be tax deductible. Just My thoughts and Experiences. Good Luck.

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American Cancer Society has a nice selection of scarves, hats, comforts for the newly bald and beautiful. I did buy a soft scalp cover to wear under my scratchy wigs and it helped so nice. I don't remember the name of their catalog, but there is a woman in a pink turbine on the cover.

Onc. offices will often have patients or volunteers sew up some easy to throw on scarves with behind the ears elastic that are low maintenance. Chemo nurses are happy to share their loot to all in need. Some places have nice skull caps that are either crotched or knitted.

If you have a local ACS office, they often will have head covers or wigs to give away. They also have a program that is frequently on-going in the bigger cities called "Look Good, Feel Better". It is about 3 hours of round table make-up application...how to paint on new eyebrows, cover the rashes, suggestions for tying scarves, answering all the changes questions regarding appearance. This is all for free and the participants walk out with $250-300 worth of quality cosmetics donated by some high end manufacturers.

I had a sore scalp before and during the time my hair was falling out. How is her head feeling? I had to take a pain reliever to get some rest. No kidding, it hurt that badly.

Avoid silk/silky scarves. They are pretty, but don't stay put no matter what.

Cindi o'h

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They ARE seamless, made from either terry or velour stretchy like material. I loved mine for keeping my head warm in winter, and to wear at night to sleep, and since half my scalp sweated profusely (only half) I liked them in the summer.

Good stuff. They have cute hats and scarves with bangs even, for those that are specially detail conscious.

The TLC catalog I believe is the name of the catalog, and you can request one by calling the ACS 800 number.

I passed mine on to someone else, after I was finished.

I had my hair cut very short knowing it was going to come out, and then got a buzz cut when it did start coming out. Somehow I managed to avoid itchy scalp problems altogether.

The softer the material, the better it feels on your head.

After I got somewhat shaggy and disreputable I went with plain old bandanas. That worked for post-chemo.



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