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Hatchlings pass


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I have my frozen embryo transfer with the left over embryos from the first two in vitro attempts tomorrow, so I will be on bed rest for a full week. My dr is conservative and requires you just to lay there for a full week and do nothing :) 1st 4 days you can't leave bed except to go potty; last 3 days is house arrest, but you can shower.

I hope to have some hatchlings after sitting on my eggs!! (My doctor's name is Dr Hatch, so children from her are called Hatchlings ;) )

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"Hatchlings", "eggs". I picked up on the plurals, girlfriend. Better watch out what you ask for . . . . LOLOL! Let's see. . . if you have more than one, I'll donate one package of diapers for each one . . . let's see 5 packs @ $10.00/pk . . . .hmmmmm!




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Thanks everyone! The embryos will be defrosting tomorrow morning before the transfer, hopefully they will make it.

And Peggy, funny that you wrote b/c I came on specifically to PM you--- I am listening to your like to Don't Worry Be Happy Now.

http://www.angelfire.com/comics/evercle ... Happy.html For those who want to sing along.

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