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Ok Men, do you, too, have breast pain after surgery?

Ellen Lilja

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Hello to the male gender on this message board...

I've noticed that only women seem to complain about breast pain after various surgery for lung cancers...

Is this pain only female related...like PMS, babies and menopause? :-)

Reminds me of when I very urgently asked my oncologist if my PSA had been checked for cancer...she's still rolling on the floor...

Anyway, I'm curious to know if breast pain is gender related...

Thanks for responding.


Ellen Lilja

Ellen Lilja

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Breast pain - if we did have it, we would not tell you. It would be like - god forbid - admitting to knowing or liking quiche - or worse - having to ask directions. Besides... we don't have breasts. We have pecs.

In all seriousness - I had generalized discomfort in my chest - and at times, I'd experience sharp, needle like pains in and around the incision. A lot of my pain was related to multiple broken ribs as a result of brittling of my bones from rib spreaders. My diagphram would convulse at times - that was an interesting sensation. Most of my pain though was as a result of trying to take deep breaths, coughing and believe or not - yawning.

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OK, I am not a "men" :wink:

My onc told me just the other day that even tho I didn't REALLY have breast surgery..it was close enough (My incision is in the front, following the lower crease of my right breast) to have all the post surgical pains and problems that just a breast surgery would have caused.

My surgeon, on the other hand, bless his little heart, insists I should NOT be having these pains, and he didn't do it! Since it started the day after surgery, I suspect he may have been the culprit tho. What do you think? :lol:

I want to ask him if I can kick him down "there" and see if it hurts 4 months later, but since he did a pretty darn good job of getting all my ickies outta me, I wouldn't do that to him. Sigh..I can dream tho...

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