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Holy shiite I had a pshycic reading tonight....

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Unbelievable to me, although probably not to most of you. I now have coming from all angles the message that that SF is taking advantage of me and that I need a backbone.

I did not tell this pyshcic anything, but she knew of my mom and a possible seperation. She knew that I am mom's advocate and kept referncing finances and legal documents.

She asked if she could say a cussword and said that I am dealing with a SOB!! Holy cow, I need time to process and get a plan, rather than nice ole Lori hoping things will turn around for the better, but just as the counselor said "He doesn't take care of her now, he won't at your house."

Many of you may think this is of the Devil, but regardless how in the hell would this woman be able to speak so matter of factly about my situation and my mom, asking me if she is extremey bloated, like from steroids or something...she actually asked me that...

Crazy I know it sounds, but it happened.

Lord help me to make the best decisions possible.

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I, personally, believe there there is more out there than just those of us who wander through without a clue. I believe in "gut feelings" and yes, I even believe that there are people out there who DO have the ability to sense something that we can't. I hope that you found some comfort and peace, too, with what you were told.

Bless you and your family in this journey!

Many hugs and prayers...

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It doesn't sound crazy to me at all! But then again some people think I'm crazy!! :roll:8):wink:

I think it's time you get your ducks in a row my dear. It's time to take control of this situation and let your SF know you'll take over from here! Maybe thank him for the things he did, and send him on his way. ((((LORI))))

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