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Should we all send our stories?

Donna G

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I was just on the discovery web site and saw "Are you a Cancer Survivor" , send us your story.

You can send a video or an email to


I copied and pasted the one I had put in our ribbon "My Story". Wish all of us would do that then maybe we would get a program that showed us and how important it is for research and early detection with lung cancer!

Donna G

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Thank you Donna for sharing this with us. I think this is a GREAT IDEA!! I just copied and pasted my story as well and sent it off to Survivors Story Webesite.

I'm more then happy to help get the word out on being a LC Survivor.

This is a great opportunity for Lung Cancer Survivors to be able to share our stories. Thanks again for helping us get the word out. :wink:

I sure hope others will take a minute to do this as well. We need to share our stories of hope and life of being a lung cancer survivor.

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The discovery channel emailed me this morning!

Then Will Johnson called and asked if they could tape me over the phone at 10:15.

Well I just finished doing that and Will told me it would be on a link at the Discovery Health web site in just a couple of days!

Now you will know for sure that I was born in Boston when you here my accent!

Donna G

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