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Whats next?


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I sure hope that the question I am about to ask does not happen, but in case it does I want to be a little prepared.

As I last updated, Dad has just finished radiation and will finish chemo next month. After that they will run all the tests again to see if there is any chance of surgery or any change in the tumor growth. So here is the question...

What happens if there is only minimal change? Or no change at all? Then what? What happens to my dad? Do they do it all over again? I am not sure if dad will do it again.

I know I am asking a little early, and probably making myself crazy playing the "what if" game...but now that treatment is almost over I feel scared all over again.

Thanks for listening.


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Most likely they will try a different kind of chemo if there is not substantial shrinkage. The good news on that is that chemo without radiation is easier than chemo with radiation. I don't know what kind of chemo he has been on, but I have a feeling it was Cisplaitn or Carboplatin and something else, and there are definitely drugs that are easier to take than those. It is discouraging to get the news that surgery is not an option, but it's by no means over.


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