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I'm overwhelmed


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Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. You all uplift me like you will never know and I will be forever grateful.

Hospice is all set up now and they are seeing what will work for the pain. They tried to switch me to methadone, but as usual, I got very sick with it, so I put the patch back on. I use Advil and Actiq lollipops for breakthrough pain. Have ok days and not so ok days.

Sending my prayers out to you all....


I can still walk around the house, but get very sob when doing so. Hospice has delivered me some oxygen but haven't had to use it yet.

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Hi T!

I sure do love you, girlfiend, and am so glad to see your words and your picture. I hope the not so ok days become less and less and the ok days, even good days, become the norm.

I'm hoping and praying, Teri, that you have a lot of time left - lots of time to enjoy your family and get said and done all the things you want to say and do. This time with your family and close friends will be wonderful days and moments that they will treasure forever. My very best memories of my parents are the weeks and months I cared for them. It was also a very special time of bonding and mending, especially with my mom. Let them fuss over you and do things for you. Later, they will be so glad they were able to do things to help you and make you more comfortable.

My prayer is for lots of love and laughter in your home over the next MANY months!

Love you!


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I'm hoping that there are many more okay days than not so okay. Hoping also that the pain gets under control finally and you can enjoy painfree days for a long time. Your strength is amazing...........you are teaching us so much. Thank you.


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Even though we don't know one another, I am sending my prayers and good, positive thoughts your way. From what I have read from and about you, you are a very strong and uplifting person, I know that with those wonderful qualities and hospice you will overcome your pain.

I wish you peace and love.


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Seeing your post made my day. It is so good to hear that you are up and getting around some. Maybe that oxygen will be just the push you need to keep you from being so sob. As for the pain, there has to be something that will work without making you sick.

You are in my prayers daily and I hope you have many good days ahead. We all love you.


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I just wanted to add my love and prayers to the others here. I think you are an amazing and inspiring woman.

I pray the hospice folks can help get you painfree and comfortable, and do so without limiting your mobility and ability to still get around and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

It sounds like th Actiq suckers help with the breakthrough pain without making you ill. I was told that the drug in those was fast acting Fentynol. They also make a long acting Fentynol Patch that slowly releases measured doses for 3 days. Maybe you could try those too since you seem to tolerate the fentynol well.

T- I care about you greatly and will be holding you close in my heart. Please e-mail me or call me if you ever want to talk. My prayers are with you.

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