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I'm overwhelmed


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Teri...so glad to see you up and around. I'm sure the oxygen will help the sob problem. Hospice will be able to do a wonderful job with pain control. Hospice is such a wonderful organization. I had only positive experiences with them. I made many good friends through Hospice and I would look forward to having them come in during the day. We love you so much and only want good things to come your way! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and say a prayer! Just hang in there and don't ever give up hope!

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teri -

I don't even know you...but I pray for you every night. You are such an inspiration to s many people, you are truly a blessing. As I am sure you have found out, hospice is wonderful. If the patches aren't working well, can they just stick you on a morphine pump at low dosages...with the "white button" for breakthrough pain? My mom had the same tummy issues with everything except the patches, suckers and pump.

So much love to you and your family!

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Guest kathleen

I too want to wish you well and that hospice can help you with your pain. I have not posted many messages but I do read the posts and you are most definitely an inspiration to us all! Thank you :)

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