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I had surgery on 4-04-06. Diagnosis lcsc stage 1b. Dr removed upper lobe of right lung. All lumph nodes came back neg. Going to start chemo next week. 4 treatments 1 every 3 weeks. Drugs are taxol and carboplatin. I have been reading some of the post on here and they are very helpful, especially how the side effects from the chemo differ from one person to another. I am so grateful that I found this site. I feel better about what can possibley happen to me. Can some one tell me what they are going to do to me the first day when I get to the hosp.

Do you wear a wig when you go out?


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Hello there Shirlie ~

Sorry you had to find us, but boy oh boy, have you come to the right place for information and support. The folks here are awesome and I don't know what I would have done if I had not found this group.

I've just finished up with the last of 6 Carbo/Taxol treatments at the end of April. My first treatment took almost all day - I got there at 8 and wasn't done until after 3 pm. Subsequent treatments were about an hour less. First you get your IV pre-meds to help prevent side effects and then you might get some IV Benadryl (or something similiar). Once they started infusing the Benadryl, I fell asleep for a couple of hours - it made me very sleepy.

Then came the Taxol infusion, which took about 3 hours and then the Carbo, which took only an hour. I was able to drive myself to and from chemo each time, but my doctor's office is only about 10 minutes away. I recommend having somebody take you at least the first time.

The treatment does affect everybody differently. My hair didn't start coming out until around day 17 after the first treatment. But when it did start falling out, it came out swifty and in clumps. That's when I took the shaver to my head and got rid of that mess! I felt much better once it was all gone - anticipating the hair loss was much worse for me.

I highly recommend getting your wig before your hair starts to fall out. That way you can match your color/style easily. Of course, I didn't follow my own advice and waited to get my wig until the last possible moment. Then I decided to get a couple of them in different lengths, styles and colors, just for the fun of it. I also have lots of hats and scarves to wear - the wigs can be hot! If you are in the US, your local American Cancer Society probably wigs for free. That's where I got my first one. Or your insurance may cover the purchase of a wig if your Doctor writes you a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis".

Hope this gives you a bit of insight into your first day of chemo. Keep us updated on your treatment. I will keep my fingers crossed so that it all goes well for you!

Pam in FL


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Hi Shirlie,

I had my chemo at my doctor's office. It was very comfortable, recliners and TV. Bring books with you if you like to read. I also brought snacks (even enough for about 5 people.) Just for sharing, you probably will make several friends. The reason it takes so long the 1st day, they want to make sure you are not allergic to the chemo, so infusion is administered slowly. Make sure you drink LOT'S of water. This is very very important..... I had Benedryl, Kytrill, Decadron (Premeds) then Taxol and Carboplatin...

I too had the same chemo. I lost my hair about the same time as Pam. I bought several wigs, hats and scarfs. I wore a soft cap at night and bedtime. My head got cold otherwise. There are several places on the net that you can buy wigs and etc.. In fact the American Cancer Soceity has a website for wigs, hats and scarfs. Can't remember their site, just give them a call and they can help. When my hair grew back, it was curly and a nice texture. Each person is different.

Hope this helps...Just know we are here for you and want to help as much as we can. In my prayers, please keep us posted....


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Hi, Shirlie, and welcome! My wife is presently on carboplatin/taxol, with avastin added. Her hair is starting to thin after the first cycle. She has a wig but does not like to wear it because it is too hot. She wears mostly turbins, bandanas and a floppy hat. Her side effects are nausea, fatigue, some diarrhea and tearing of the eyes. Hang in there. Sounds like things are going good for you. Don

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Thank you for your replies. I do love to read so I will take a book with me. I also like the idea of sleeping part of the time. I am going to look into getting a wig ahead of time. I will agree with you about the people on this site. From every post that I have read the people seem to be very helpful,encouraging and very caring.

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Shirley ask your Onc for a prescription for a cranial Prosthesis, A wig and check to see if your Insurance will cover it. If they will not cover save receipt and it can be used as a tax deduction. Debs Wig cost about 200$ that is why i am mentioning this. Good Luck in Chemo we met briefly in chat last night. praying for great results Everyone here has covered side effects good enogh.

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Welcome, Shirlie!

My mom had the same chemo regimen as you are going to have and her hair thinned considerably but she didn't lose it all. Agree that it's a good idea to have your doc write you a prescription for a wig, just in case you need one.

My mom's only side effect from the chemo was fatigue. She also took something to read and a lot of time, would take a nap.

Best of luck and very glad you found us.



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Welcome Shirlie!

Congratulations on your surgery!!! That is always good news.........being able to have surgery. Your chemo combo is a popular one that many of us had done. You have received excellent info regarding it..........most importantly that everyone reacts differently even if the chemo is the same. I had very minor reactions, so hope that you are as lucky. Let us know how you do and how else we can help you.


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Hi Shirley,

Congrats on your operation and that there was no spread.

If you look my husbands profile below it is close to yours. He is doing so well.

He sessions lasted 5 hours and had them 3 weeks apart and he had 5 sessions. He did not lose his hair until his 3rd session. He never got neauseas. If you do there is medication you can take.

His flu like symptoms accured about 3 to 4 days after the chemo. He got flu like pains in his legs and a numbness in his feet. He had good meds that helped him. This lasted about 3 to 4 days then he was fine, until the next chemo then again same symptoms.

It will go fast and will be behind you before you know it. You may want to pack a lunch also. I actually brought him lunch and had lunch with him then went back to work.

They recommend you not drive yourself home, but we were lucky the center where he received his chemo was only 4 blocks away so he drove himself home.

You are VERY fortunate they caught in an early stage that it was operable and no spread. You are blessed there.

Good luck!! I will be thinking about you.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Shirlie,

I had Carbo&taxotere.I was allergic to taxol.Had some achiness and lost my hair.I wear a wig when I go out but at home,a turban or bandana.Dropped my wig in the toilet a couple weeks ago trying to change the toilet seat.Good for a laugh.

Do you have a mediport for your chemo?Its much easier than an iv everytime.

Welcome to the site


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A suggestion for the wig, if you don't want everyone to know you've lost your hair, is to go to your salon and talk to your stylist. Have her order the wig for you, or give you all the information you will need to order one for yourself that is the same color as your hair and the right size for your head. When you receive the wig, have your stylist trim/shape it into your style and no one will be the wiser.

The site for the American Cancer Society's wigs and caps is:


Good luck to you!


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Thats where I bought my wigs.I have4.one I took to the salon and had it thinned out some and cut a little shorter.The wigs are all around $40.00 and are very nice.they also have hats&turbans in the catalog.www.tlcdirect.org phone 1-800-850-9445


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Welcome. I had carbo/gemzar mix. Didn't lose any hair at all. As everyone has said, it affects everyone differently. Maybe you can get some info explaining everything to you, from the place that is treating you. They gave me a whole big notebook explaining about the drugs I was getting etc.

Sorry that you had to find us, but you will be glad that you did.


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Hi Shirie: welcome to this board. You have a very good chance at a cure, especially if you do the chemo. I had stage IB cancer over 2 years ago, but did not do chemo. Maybe I would not be having my third cancer if I had done the followup chemo. I did do chemo after my second cancer. I did carboplatin/gemzar, but it apparently did not work because my third cancer was forming as I was finishing up the chemo. I can only guess that the chemo I did was not effective because:

1. I was using a first line chemo on a secondary cancer.

2. Or, maybe I should not have been taking antioxidants during chemo.

3. I should have done carboplatin/taxol instead of carboplatin/gemzar...my second opinion onc asked me why I did not do carboplatin/taxol instead of gemzar. He did not offer any opinion that doing the gemzar was a mistake though.

I gave it my best shot after the second cancer though and have no regrets.

You will be giving it your best shot too. I am rooting for you.

I think the 3 most important things you can do during chemo are:

1. Drink a lot of water.

2. Eat

3. Walk for exercise and then take a nap if you have to...don't give up entirely on exercise. Your lung capacity will improve if you keep up the exercise. I walked a mile a day during my chemo.

So, fyi, my third cancer is in my remaining lung. I had the rest of my left lung removed at my second surgery. I can't lose any more lung, so I am having targeted radiation to kill the tumor and to spare the surrounding lung tissue. I will be done with radiation the first week of June. After that, I will do 4 rounds of alimta, a second line chemo, as a followup. I will not take antioxidants this time.

Die tumor, die.

Don M

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Welcome Shirlie

I had the same chemo as you and I did

lose my hair but couldn't stand the tight

hot feeling of the wig so I wore hats and


I did pretty well on the first two treatments

but by the third I was feeling pretty sick. There is medication for that and it did help a lot.

Good luck and keep us posted


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