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Tarceva, latest scan etc.

j ross

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Hello Everyone,

I need your opinions please. First of all Barry's latest ct scan was I think good. Please let me briefly summerise: Stable appearance in chest. (There are tiny nodes etc but not much else). However "there is a small cluster of nodes slightly more prominent. Impression possible slow progression of the left para aortic lymph node" compared with last scan (Feb)..

OK. Barry is on Tarceva and we are trying to get our

National Health Service to pay for this, which they are relunctant to do. Our oncologist (who is employed by them) prescribed the tarceva on the basis that we pay for it. He felt if the ct either showed stability or remission we would have a case for financing. Now after this scan he is not sure. He wants to wait another month and have a pet scan to compare with one in February.

In the meantime we continue to pay for the drug.

I somehow have the feeling that the reading of the scan was compromised to tilt the balance in favour of some progression. When I asked how much this node had grown I was told a few mm. (I think I need to say that we are talking about a lympth node).

What do you think. Please respond. If we think we are being treated unfairly we have legal redress. I do like our oncologist, after the first one wrote us off it was a nice change. Barry remains fit and well and leads a normal existance.


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I think trying the drug another month is a good idea. The chest area is stable, so maybe it isn't progression. I don't think you are being treated unfairly-- I think he just doesn't have enough information from the scan. If paying for the Tarceva is a hardship the company that makes it does provide it free for patients that can't afford it.

Good luck -- when Tarceva works it is like a miracle drug.

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