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Chemo or Cancer?


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Since I was diagnosed and began chemo, I have noticed a few almost things. I seem to have indigestion frequently (never had it before), I get the hiccups more frequently and I often have a runny nose. Are these from chemo? Cancer? Or am I just a little crazy? Also, my lips are often chapped in the corners.

Just wondering if others found these? Nothing is hard to handle - I'm just curious.


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My allergies give me a runny nose and a beer gives me hiccups. Seroiusly though I do not remember Debs having those. Her nose always ran and she took allergy meds. Can't help with Chapped Lips or Hiccups though.

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My nose runs when I eat....

From the beginning of Chemo (3 yrs ago) my nose runs when it pleases. No Rhyme or reason, during the winter, during the summer. I suspect that my immune system will be forever compromised and any irritant/pollen will start me off. I suspect at meal times it is the pepper...which I love.


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Wow, am I the dummy or what!

I can't leave home, or anywhere else for that matter, without my handy pack of Kleenex and I've never put it down to chemo. I've bought enough Kleenex in the last 4 years to stock a store.

I've had this problem all along but put it down to something in VT (we moved here just before dx) so just assumed it was allergies.

I don't know if this makes me feel better about my runny nose but I guess at least now I know the cause.


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Dennis always had a runny nose for several days after chemo. I would always worry that he was catching a cold but no other cold symptoms would ever develop, so we finally decided the "athletic nose syndrome" was due to chemo.

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