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surgery coming - need info


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Dx'd on Aug. 26 with a pancoast NSCLC - by definition stage 3 - probably a T3 or T4 - no distant mets found (will complete staging this week) I am sure there will be a surgery coming on this. I would very much like information from those of you out there who have gone through this yourself or with a loved one. What surgical techniques were used - posterior or anterior entry for complete tumor resection .... etc. Also, what were the chemo drugs and dosages, amount and frequency of rediation for pre-surgical shrinkage? What was time window between shrinkage and surgery? Any any all input is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Keith, Welcome, sorry you have the need to be here, but welcome.

I had squamous cell stage3a, had two rounds of chemo, once every three weeks two rounds, carboplatin and taxol, then had surgery(upper right lobe removed) lymph nodes were involved and surgeon didn't get a clear shaving on vena clava so I had 36 dose of radiation afterwards, which fried the rest of my right lung, but I'm here 15 months after dx and getting better each day. I think Donna G also had a panacoat tumor I'm sure she can give you better idea of treatment for that type of tumor.

Good luck my friend!

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