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Hi everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that we're off to Massachusetts this weekend (the Berkshires) to celebrate our oldest grandson's bar mitzvah, something Len was sure he would never live to see. Not only is he living to see it, but he'll be up on the bimah (the elevated section at the front of the synagogue) with me presenting Caleb with his tallit (prayer shawl) which he gets to wear since now he's a man! And we're doing a blessing together during torah section that Caleb is chanting. Pretty good for a man who was sure he would never see his next birthday.

So think of us Saturday morning, while we're up there participating, and then Saturday afternoon while we're celebrating afterwards (a do-it-yourself affair that we've done all the cooking for at a beautiful lodge with three fireplaces and a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains). Cindy, I wish you were there to serve things up at the bar!

We'll raise a glass to all our friends at LCSC. Wish you could all be with us. If any of you ARE in driving distance of Pittsfield MA, pm me and I'll give you directions!


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Len and Ellen,

Congratulations to Caleb on his bar mitzvah. It sounds like it will be a wonderful ceremony and party. I wish I could be there also to serve your family and friends!

I would love it as I am sure they are all as lovely as you.

Mazol Tov!

Cindi o'h

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Ellen, I just love it when we have happy news like this to share on this board! I will be thinking of you on this very special day for your family.

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Had a great, great weekend. Caleb did us proud -- conducted the whole service beautifully, had his torah portion down cold, chanted wonderfully and gave a stimulating and provocative "d'var torah" (sort of commentary or interpretation based on his torah portion). We were all in tears for most of the service...but happy, happy tears!

The reception was great fun -- we catered it ourselves at a rustic lodge (three huge fireplaces inside --needed on a coolish Massachusetts May day -- hiking trails,volleyball court and playing fields outside for the young fry, lots of food, drink and music inside for everyone) nestled in the Berkshire mountains surrounded by woods and overlooking a beautiful lake. The rabbi proved a dab hand at carving up three turkeys and family and friends all pitched in to make it a truly festive occasion. Not quite what most people expect at a bar mitzvah but perfect for us.

We did have one uninvited guest -- a black bear and her cub arrived to claim possession of the dumpster at the top of the driveway. She obviously knew where to go! We got the kids inside for a while, then they ventured out again, thrilled by the wandering predator. Fortunately, we didn't lose anyone!


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