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Sickening Sweet Smell


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I am posting this here as I really don't want to frighten anyone in the main boards (especially with so many newcomers), but I am scared out of my wits today. (not that I want to frighten anyone in here either, but you are more likely to understand and be able to comment):

Today for the first time, while I was once again putting lotion on my mom, I noticed an intense sickening sweet smell exuding from my mom's skin -- this smell is the same smell I noticed coming from my dad within about a month before he passed. The aroma is very unique and so sweet that it makes me want to up-chuck when I am around it. It can't be from disease (they each have/had different dx's) and it can't be from meds or treatment drugs (they each have/had different meds mixes and treatment courses)....and it can't be a nursing facility thing either (dad had it before going to one, plus dad had a different nursing facility than mom; and...dad was only in a facility for not even a month and mom is going on 5 months now before this smell appeared).

I logically know the smell is doing nothing more than giving me flashbacks to losing my dad and that it isn't fair to "jump the gun" now, but that's what my mind is doing......my mind is saying mom doesn't have long to go, even though no one is saying that to me.......the smell is triggering this in me and I am just beside myself with that: I can even now still "feel" that smell in the back of my throat since I was with mom this afternoon.....it's sickening.

Anyone else had this experience?


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I cannot say that I have, however, smell can have a very powerful effect ont how we feel.

When mom died, there was a bouquet of flowers in her room that had some stargazer lilies in it. They remind me of death as the bouquet next to my dad's casket was filled with them and the smell is so sickening to me now I can hardley stand it. It represents death to me.

I hope this is not a sign for you and just a coincindence.


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I think that the smell probably has something to do with her diabetes you mentioned in the profile. I have diabetes type II and I know that diabetics can smell sickeningly sweet. With her being so ill may make the smell worse. I know I smelled pretty bad when I had my surgery and was in the hospital bed. Seems like any health care professional would know about that also. Maybe your father had the same problem. Hope this helps and maybe give you a different perpective. I do know too that feeling of smelling something that reminds you forever of something and sticks with you. To this day I hate the smell of some roses because of the smell that was at my Mom's funeral 40 years ago. For a long time I would smell that awful smell for no apparent reason. Not very pleasant, I know. Take Good Care, Patty

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Linda - I also suspected it might be from the diabetes. I know your profile states that your mom has diabetes, and I'm not sure if your dad was diagnosed as a diabetic, but medical issues can cause sugar levels to spike as well. (My dad is not a diabetic but when he was in the hospital with congestive heart failure it caused his levels to be in the diabetic range.) Hoping you are experiencing more pleasant fragrance now!


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