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Thinking of you Andrea


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Hi Andrea,

Just want you to know that I am thinking of you as you should be getting out of bed rest soon.

I have been sending prayers that those little hatchlings caught on.

Everything crossed here.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thank you so much, that is so sweet, you made my day!!

Today was my first day off of bed rest, resuming normal activities.

I am pretty cranky, I am 90% sure it did not work :( I had 5 embryos transferred, everyone was sure it would take. I did a home pregnancy test and it is negative (I realize it could still be too early, but she did say I could possibly see something); and I am very PMSy.

I shouldn't be depressed b/c I am blessed overall, but I am still on so many hormones (6 estrace pills a day, 2 progesterone shots, 2 climara patches) so it kind of is out of my control.

I will keep you posted!!!

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I will still keep with the prayers.

Please try not to get discouraged about the home pregnancy tests and feeling PMSy.

I know the last time I did the Invetro, I lost the baby/babies. However I was technically pregnant for 2+ weeks. However, I never had a pregnancy test that showed positive even when the doctor told me that I for sure was. And I definitely felt PMSy, chest hurt, bloated feeling, crampy, and craved lots of salt and chocolate (ok, that's pretty normal for me :lol: ) My loosing the babies had nothing to do with those feelings. The doctor basically knew before implanting the embryos that it was most likely going to fail because the embryos were just stopping development even before implant (5 days in the dish and they were only divided to a 3-4 day level).

Please take good care of you, and I will have a long talk to God about making those hatchlings stick.

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Thank you for posting.

I absolutely love your attitude! With everything you have personally been through you are just so thankful and never give up. I admire you sooooo much. You are such a special lady.

One day I just know and I could be now or the next time but there is a little one in your future.

G-d Bless

Maryanne :wink:

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