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Getting to Know You - May 19


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Can't remember the name of it.

Macaroni Grill serves it

***Penne with a cream sauce, sundried tomatoes and grilled chicken (I think it's called Penne Rustica)

OOOH--My mouth is watering now.

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Cheese ravioli, veal scalopini. But I rarely order the veal. If the price is low, then I've found that the meat is tough. If it's in a reasonable to high range then I figure it's probably good, but I start on a guilt trip re: supporting an industry that is so cruel to the animals.


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There was a pasta primavera that was absolute perfection that we use to get at a restaurant on the upper west side of manhattan called Noodles.

Sadly Noodles is gone and so is my favorite pasta dish.

Second choice would be my own Fettucine Alfredo (an artery clogging concoction that the cardiologist insists should be banned :lol: )


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I love so many pasta dishes that this is a very hard call to make. This...is the reason low carb diets are out of the question for me. I crave pasta like some people crave chocolate. I can give up the fried food, sweets, meat...just give me pasta! Althought this sounds terrible, I have been known to eat cold mac and cheese for breakfast. Now...I think my favorite pasta is Fettucine Alfredo. Dennis used to call this "heart attack on a plate." Ooh...also love Red Lobsters Crab Alfredo. This post is making me very hungry!!!!

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This one I can answer since I cook Italian. Got a gravy (sauce) recipe from my MIL who married an Itallian from South Philly.

Not to toot my horn (toot toot :)) but everyone love's my gravy (sauce)

We call it gravy instead of sauce as gravy takes 3 hours to make and sauce is usually from a jar.(philly lingo)

I like just chicken parm with baked zitis on the side.

Maryanne :wink:

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Carbs and pasta are my main staples. Since I don't really like meat, veggies, and fruit, that only leaves pasta and carbs. I eat them pretty much 5-6 days a week.

My Favorite...

Definitely Fettucini Alfredo; plain, simple, no meat, no veggies. Especially if it is slightly on the garlicy side. mmmmm garlic mmmmmm cheesy.

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