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I talked to Mom today. Hospice has been called in. Apparently her doctors have told her that it will be less than three weeks and she says she feels it will be less than that. We've gone through details, we've gone through what she wants, what WE want, what will happen most likely. Thankfully she's in NO pain right now and I can only pray that it will continue that way right 'till the very end. The hardest part for me wasn't hearing that we're coming to the end but starting to prepare my 7 year old "grandma's girl" for what's coming up. Just a "newsy" thing...and a thanks for all your support and care and love. I share it with all of you, too! xoxoxo

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Missy I am so sorry. I wish there was something I could do or say to help, but I'm at a loss.

I will pray with all my might that there is NO pain ever for your sweet mom, and that her transition to heaven be peaceful and surrounded by love and warmth.


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Missy, I'm just so, so sorry. I so strongly remember my feelings on the 'h word' day for us...

Please know that I'm praying for you. And I'm just a PM away if you ever need a person to talk to...

Hug your Mama and let her know that we send our love to her in gallons.



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So very sorry and sad for you all. Hope your Mom stays pain free and give Grandma's girl an extra hug from me. Hits kind of hard, because I have a Grandma's girl too.

Prayers and thoughts for the very best that can be for you all.


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oh Missy,

I am very sad to read this. I have so much enjoyed your Mom over this past year. She is so cool. I feel badly that she will be going so soon. I didn't realize that she was in such dire shape. Please give her my love.

I am sorry about you and your daughter and the sadness that is yours.

Just wish I could do or say something to make it all better for all of you.

You are all in my thoughts.

Cindi o'h

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I'm so very sorry you and your family are going through this now.

It does make it all the more difficult when there

is a child, "Grandma's Girl" having to deal also.

I know when I was ill my son was very worried about my Grandma's Girl handling things if I didn't make it through.

My father and my daughter in law's mother are both gone and my Grandma's Girl knows she has two Guardian Angel's watching over her every day, she is only five and can't truly understand the concept of death but she does know having her very own Guardian Angels makes her a very special girl.


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I'm devastated hearing this news. I guess you were preparing us, but I just felt things would go a different route. You and Sues have battled valiantly. I am praying there will be MUCH more time to enjoy each other and your family..............pain free! I'll have your family on my mind. Hope knowing the support being offered will be of some comfort during this difficult time.


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I am so very sorry that your mom has reached this point in her battle. I'm glad you can communicate with her and you are able to talk about things, but these days and weeks will be hard. I hope Hospice is a big help and a comfort to you and your family. Know that you have my prayers. God Bless.

Love and Prayers,


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Lots of love and prayers going your way.

When my students experience a death, I quietly talk to them about "grandparent heaven". I tell them that their grandparent is now with my Poppop, and with my son's pop pop, and they are all watching over us.

My sister lost her mother in law suddenly just a few weeks ago. Another sister and I went to her house and helped out where we could with the kids--shopping for clothes, buying stuff for the car trip, and just freeing her up. let people help you at this difficult time.


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Oh Missy - my heart breaks for you right now. Yet, if it has to be, at least you have time with your mom, you are open with her and she is painfree. So many prayers for you in the weeks ahead. Hospice will be of great help, lean on them as much as you can. I am so sory that you have to go through this...but I promise you that you are so much stronger than you could ever imagine. Love your mom and cherish the time you have...you will never, ever regret being there with her.



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So very sorry, it seems that our parents on on much of the same path. I now more than ever, truly understand just how difficult a place this is to find yourself and your loved one, no matter how "prepared" you may think you are.

We are still struggling with working through many of the issues that you already have worked out and seem at peace with. I know that must bring a lot of comfort to your mother and your entire family. Your loving relationship shows in all your post and I am sure pours over to your daughter as well.

Praying for peace and strenght for all of you as you continue on your journey.


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