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Thank you for posting.

Another one of Steve's friends posted about his death in detail on April 13th.

We were incedible shocked as we thought he was doing "better", just really "tired".

My thoughts are with you and his family and other friends. We are here for you too.

Blessings of comfort and wonderful memories,



Since I am a friend and not family I may not have complete information. My information came from Schmaydee and he may have held back some info to keep me and some of his other friends from freaking out, but I will try to tell you what transpired.

He went to his dr. for the weakness in his legs on the last Wed or Thurs of March. They put him in the hospital at that time. He still had a good appetite and of course his humor never left him EVER!! They did scans and determined that he was still ned but he progressively got worse as to his breathing and weakness in his legs. The dr. did a broncostomy on Tues. April 4th and Scmaydee told me that they determined he had thrush. The funny thing is that they started him on antibiotics. That seems to me that they thought he had some infection in his lungs. The dr. had said that sometimes the chemo or maybe some medicine he was taking could cause an infection so I assume that is what was going on with him. Schmaydee did not mention infection but wouldnt the antibiotic indicate that? Anyway he was having trouble with bladder control constipation also. Now all the while he was still eating very well and was endearing himself to the hospital staff too. By Thurs. April 6 he had to wear a full oxygen mask to keep his sat levels up. He was having some panic attacks and by Friday he was much worse. His family demanded that the dr. help him with these panic attacks so they started morp. I spoke with the nurse that night and she told me she did not think he would make it to Monday. On Sat. he was so miserable but STILL had that sense of humor mixed with frustation and I guess some fear. Several friends came by to see him. Of course his family was there too. At about 6:00pm they asked us to leave the room as they needed to do something with his catheter. His Mom came out and told us that he could not have any more visitors that evening as he was having another panic attack and he would not keep the O2 on because he wanted to join in conversation with visitors. So, we were getting on the elevator to leave and his step mom came out and told us he was gone. I guess he had a panic attack which caused a heart attack. I really dont know. Seemed to me before they did the brocostomy that the dr. thought he was at the end of his battle. I am confused as to what really happened myself as I understood he was in remission. The family and some of the staff just said his body was worn out.

The good thing is that he was surrounded with his family and a lot of his friends at the very end. I know that is how he hoped it would be. I just dont think he thought it would be quite this soon.

Once again thank you all for your kind words. I will pass your comments to the family.

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