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Thomas Parkinson


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Malou I am just devastated. I am so terribly sorry to read this, he seemed to be doing so well and was starting on chemo again.

Thomas was such a strong and brave fighter. He never gave up, and he fought hard right to the end.

I know how much you loved him Malou, and how heart broken you must be. His pain is over but yours goes on.

I am holding close to my heart and close to God in prayer for strength and comforting.

I know nothing I say right now will stop the flow of tears and the wrenching pain in your heart. But I do believe that the love that bound you and Thomas through your lives still binds you now. I believe you will be in his arms again, and that he loves you still and watches over you from heaven.


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Oh (((Malou))),

This comes as quite a shock!!! Why was I thinking Thomas was doing okay.......even if not good???? This breaks my already dilapidated heart even more. Please allow our strength help see you through. I am just so sorry and don't know what else to say.



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Malou I am so sorry to hear about Thomas PAssing away.Got the boo hoos too right now. I am so sorry to hear htis I also thought he was doing well from the text of your posts. I know your love is neverending for Thomas and know that he is in a painless and happy place for him. he has continued a journey to a another plateau of which we will reach that plateau some day. If it helps, whn I think of debkins, I just look up and know that she is there smiling and watching over me and protecting me. Thomas does that for you. Sending Prayers for inner peace and strength during this tumultuous time. IF there is anyhting we ccan do for you please let us know. You are a part of a world wide family and know that we are always here for you.

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My heart sank when I read your post - I too thought he was doing better. I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. Nothing I say can make it hurt less, but please know that I understand and I care about you.

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Malou, I am so sorry. He had only been home 10 days.

Please except my prayers for you and the family during this most difficult time.

Donna G

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I am so very sorry to hear this about Thomas.

My heart is bleeding too. THis is too much. Please accept my prayers for Thomas. I hope my daddy meets him in heaven and offers him a seat at the big Texas Hold em table. I know how much this hurts. Be good to yourself.

We're here.

Much love,


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