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I'm so proud!!


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Early on Saturday my husband ordered a recumbant stationary bicycle for me from Sears.

I picked it up late Saturday afternoon with the idea of getting some serious exercise, I have some extra tonnage to get rid of and I don't like using the exercise equipment that we have.

As of Monday at 1:15pm this bike has done least 80 miles, are you all impressed??

You shouldn't be.......... it's still in the back of Richard's truck!!!!

So far it's been shopping at the outlet center, been for coffee and is now at work with him! It weighs a ton and I have to wait for a friend to come over tonight and help me get it into the house and set it up.

I'll start racking up the miles tomorrow with Richard by my side on his treadmill......true togetherness!!

Have a lighthearted Monday everyone.


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OH MY GOSH...I was impressed! AND felt guilty and realized I need to get on my treadmill to keep up with you! Thank goodness I don't really have to do that now that I know its still in the back of the truck! What a relief, I think the dust on the treadmill would have messed with my allergies!


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Okay, here's the update......

Last night some friends came over and we took the bike upstairs and installed it in the exercise room. The old bike - which just gave me a sore behind - is now waiting to go to the basement for our daughter's future use as a clothes hanger.

Soooo, the new bike has now racked up a few more miles coming home from the office and a few feet more coming into the house. It now sits in splendor next to the treadmill and across from the bowflex........in pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, had I opened the box I could have moved this myself on Saturday.

I'm off to Boston this afternoon for a walk meeting so it ain't gonna be put together today. Richard still can't lift anything so it will still be sitting there when I return tomorrow.

Should I run a book on how long it will be before I actually put any miles on this marvel of modern engineering? Hopefully this will happen soon as I didn't take out an extended warranty!

Happy Tuesday


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Seems to me, Geri, you got some exercise in............how much WALKING did you do at the outlets while shopping :?: I bet you walked off at least 20 or so calories :shock: !!!!! See, I'm impressed you even GOT a bike. AND an exercise room to boot. My exercise room is the 'bedroom'!!!!! That's it for me! HA!

Can't wait for a walk update too!

Hi to Richard!



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Geri...I have one question??? Can you peddle and type at the same time? Can you imagine how fast those miles would rack up if we could chat online while we walked or peddled ? I'm doing good to walk on the treadmill and sing along with music!!! You're an inspiration to us all! Please keep us posted on the progress, as I need to be motivated!! This is my new approach to weight loss.....


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Geri you are too funny!

I can't comment too much though because I am the same way. Keith and I bought bikes last year at an end of summer bike expo. We came home and Keith put up bike rack on the back wall of the garage. Before hanging the bikes up, I was so excited that I rode the bike down the driveway to retrieve the mail and then back up and on the rack. Now, the bike is just too cumbersome for me to get off the rack alone, so to date that bike has traveled roughly 200 feet. :lol:

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