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CT Results

Joe B

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well... I received a fax of the unsigned Radiology report today.

Not the best news...but not too bad either.

Impression: ....."increased size and conspicuity of mutiple bilateral pulmonary nodules compared to 1/8/06. These are suspicious for metastatic disease given the patients history."

Bottom line is that the nodules appear to be growing at a slow rate and now they pretty certain it is metastatic BAC.

The good news is that there does not appear to be any new nodules.

It looks like we will now consider Tarceva...as this was the discussion at my last oncologist appointment in January.


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Well, Joe...not exactly the news we wanted to hear, but back up on the horse, right? I do hope, and pray that the Tarceva will do the trick, and chase those suckers away!!!

Prayers for healing, Joe, Gina & Family!

Yours in HOPE!!


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Well darnitall, Joe :? . I try to keep watch especially over those with stage 3 disease and am sorry to see your update. Any chance they can get a piece of one of those buggers to determine for certain what is what? Maybe too small as nodules go. Anyway Joe, BIG hopes and prayers for Tarceva working for you.


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Hi KAsey,

The nodules (there are about a dozen) are all too small to biopsy . They are all between 2 - 7mm.

I am very much like our dear Hebbie in that regard....i.e. demonstrating as BAC...small nodules throughout both lungs but very slow growing and still (thank God) very small in nature.

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I am sorry to hear that your results were not the best they could be. Just don't forget that you have Gina, your daughters, your faith, your doctors and us by your side during the coming months!! (It's going to be hard to fit us all in the car!)

Best wishes Joe!

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Thanks Deb Now all I can think Of is a Shriners car Full of clowns. Joe, I have a message for ypour tumour as follows " Die tumour, Die" stop. Sending prayers for better luck with tarceva and worse luck for tumor.

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