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nscl cancer


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Just a little about my self: i was dig.. 5 years ago with breast cancer! oct 05 was dig.. (again) this time with lung cancer! 2 different types of cancer still in shock! had a left lob surgery 11th of oct" and started chemo carb/gemb in jan.Finished up in april this year. :( it was adcnocarocinoma the same as was in breast! but doctors treted it as a new primary cancer! he cant tell me if it is related" never smoked so he is in the dark just the same as myself: am i now going too be prone too all different type of cancers? every 1 around me tell me its all over now it wont happen again? Had very agressiv treat first time around" and now doc thinks tumor was their as long as the first one.It was 1.6cm no nodes involved. Had too fight too get a pet scan as their is only 2 pt machins in the city.Thank you all for letting me vent as i think every one around me now are fed up with it all at this stage. Thank you again. Wonderful site so glad i found it and you are all so warm and friendly :)

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PinkP, So glad that you found us and sorry you had to find us. This is a wonderful support group. Full of caring compassionate people who will do everything we can for you. We have a multitude of survivors here in the states and many over seas on both sides of the ponds. If you click on the profile button on the side and scroll down to the big box in Profile section you can post all your details and they will stay on every post that you write w/o retyping. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of cancer fo NSCLC. there are a number of treatments and clinical trials but not sure about in Europ though. I can understsand the rage. Not everyone with adeno is or was a smoker there are other factors at work. I have a good friend who never smoked and hers was treated successfully wi th surgery. My Late wife was just the opposite. If you need any info or support or just want to post to post do so. Always ask for info and you will get info on any subject. Welcome to the Family!

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Hi PinkP


It sounds as if you have been through the cancer mill, no doubt.

You beat the breast cancer back.

And now the lc was caught at a very early stage and it sounds as if your treatment was appropriate.

I hate to say it, but dang! how lucky is that? They do say that there is luck of the Irish. Share it with us!

Cindi o'h

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Hi PinkP,

I wanted to let you know that my history is about the same as yours. In 2001, I had an early stage breast cancer diagnosis that took me completely by surprise. Was treated successfully for that with surgery and radiation. In 2003, I was diagnosed with an early stage lung tumor, same side as the breast cancer, and had an upper left lobectomy. I also had chemo after my lobectomy. Mine were both separate cancers and Stage 1.

It happens, we have several members here who have had two cancers and seem to be rolling right along without any further problems. I think the thing we need to think about most is to stay vigilent because early detection is everything.

Good luck to you,


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There are others here who had breast cancer and then turned around and got lung cancer.

I'm sorry you are going through this, I think those who have been through what you are going through will be of tremendous help to you for information, the rest of us can help through prayer and support.

Remember, here we never get tired of your venting, or questions or fears, that is why we are here, we go all through it together.


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Hi Pink,

Thanks for the update on your history. Boy it sure sounds like you've had more than your fair share. But, it also sounds like you've got a great doctor who found this second primary and is got it taken right out of you. I know the surgery is difficult and takes a lot to heal, but it is the best chance for a complete cure.

I will be praying that this cancer nightmare never show its ugly face to you again.

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Pink, I know it must be terribly hard for you to have to face cancer again after having it in the breast. I have no idea why this happens, and don't know if the reverse happens or not (meaning lung cancer first and then breast cancer). I'm glad your lung cancer was found early, and your prognosis should look good. We are here for each other, including venting, crying, laughing, and all other emotions imaginable, including worrying.

Prayers sent to you now


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Hi what a wonderful group of people! I feel blessed to have found this site" I will look forward to writing to u all wen i get used to the boards!Im a novice at all of this" As my daughter would say too me (shame on u mum)Thank u all again for making me feel so welcom! lv p.

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