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How we doin' ?


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30 Days ago I posted that I had started Tarceva and that I felt REALLY good but with the Rash looked like Hell.

Several others responded that they started their Tarceva treatment at the same time and were also experiencing "The Rash". Well, its been a while and I'm interested in how we are all doing and to see the similarities and differences in our reactions.

I am on the the road to recovery, my rash is MUCH better and getting better each day....I only scare half the kids I see now, not all of them. My worst areas were my face (especially nose area), my cheeks and forehead. Also have the rash on my chest and back, but was very minor compared to my face. It never really itched or hurt, just red, lots of pustules, very dry and quick to bleed. Overall it did not slow me down much at all.....I was lucky, I didn't have to look at it.

How ya all doin'


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Hi Jim,

I glad to hear you're looking good. The rash is pretty impressive isn't it?

I started Tarceva on 4/28 and my rash blossomed in 5 days. I too scared children, and most adults too. I took an oral antibiotic for 10 days and I use a topical one a couple times a day. The rash cleared up pretty well and it remains that way even though I've been off the oral antibiotic for 3 days. First sign of its return and I'm calling the doctor for another rx. Right now my skin is just a little blotchy and very dry, no more of those horrid pimples!

I wonder how all the Tarceva users are feeling. Do you notice a significant difference from the tarceva? are symptoms going away? I personally am fairly asympotmatic so it's hard to know if the stuff is working. The ache in my ribcage is still there, no better, no worse. My breathing has never really been effected, I just have a cough which seems to have lessened. I don't have scans until next friday so I'm just trying to stay positive and believe that it's working.

I'm looking forward to hearing from the rest of you Tarceva users out there!


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My dad started Tarceva in February, the rash was pretty bad until about mid-end of April. He tried many different topicals which did give some relief, didn't have to go as far as oral antibiotics. All in all, compared to all the other chemo treatments that has been the only down side. He just got his latest scans and is NED!! So far, we are liking Tarceva. Glad to hear the rest of you are doing well.

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Because Barry had been on iressa for over a year he already had the rash when he started Tarceva in Feb.

When iressa was first started the rash was pretty bad to look at but it did not affect him very much.

After a while it kind of calmed a little. On starting tarceva it flared up again (although not as bad a when first on iressa]. It has again calmed down. His face is quite red but the spots are not too bad. His torso remains ichy and spoty but it does not worry him too much.

Best wishes


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I have been on Tarceva for over a year now and the rash is a lot worse over time than in the beginning. In fact I wouldn't even label it a rash anymore, it's more like a burn. My scalp is red raw now, sleeping is almost impossible.

I guess because I have been on oral antibiotics for so long their effectiveness has lessened considerably. I am told there is nothing more they can do, except for taking painkillers.

My tongue has the "rash" continuously and my mouth is always red raw. The rest of my body is red and blotchy and itches. My shins now have very thin skin and bleed easily. My right big toe is constantly inflamed and swollen, although right now I can at least put a shoe on. My hands are all split and red.

No matter what this drug puts me through I am willing to go through it all as long as it keeps working. I look a sight, for sure, but the stares dont bother me anymore. Those people can go **** themselves for all I care!!!!!!! I am alive and I dont give a rats what I look like!!!

Good luck to everybody on tarceva, just remember it's all worth it when it works!!!!!


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