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Pineapple stems and resesarch


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Pineapple Stems May Bring New Hope in Fight Against Cancer

Researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) in Australia stumbled upon potential healing capabilities of pineapple stems.

The researchers discovered two molecules within the stems of pineapples that can stimulate the immune response to kill cancer cells, and stop the protein that is present in about 30% of cancers.

So far, animal studies have displayed these healing properties in tumor cells of the breast, bowel, ovarian and lung cancer. Dr. Tracey Mynott told abc.net:

"We've shown we can inhibit tumour growth by 70 per cent and what's more important was that there was no evidence of any toxicity in these animals at all."

Thanks to grant money supplied by the National Health and Medical Research Council, clinical trials to further investigate these molecules will begin within the next two years.

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