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Hi Everyone.

Boy, what determination, a good bike, and a whole lot of well wishes can do for a one lung cancer surviving, crazy mountain bike racer!!

In the midst of some of the not-so-uplifting news I've missed over the past few weeks, and for the hopeful benefit of the many recent newcomers to the message board, let it be known --- THAT YOU CAN STILL LEAD A HEALTHY, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE AFTER BEING DIAGNOSED WITH LUNG CANCER, OR HAVING HAD LUNG SURGERY!!!

I made it! I finished the race! I completed 11 laps of the 14.2 mile course in 24hrs for a total of 156.2 grueling miles! I placed 9th out of 11 riders in my category, and 98th out of 142 riders in total! I'm tired, sore, cut up (had one good crash), and thankful the race is over, but it all pales in comparison what everyone on this message board has to go through daily. That's one thing that actually got me through tough parts of the race; more than once I had to look down at my handlebars to remind myself of the strength and courage you all have -"LCSC", "JESSEE", "CONNIE" were on small stickers afixed to my bars; all I had to do was glance down in the middle of a particularly steep climb I was about to give up on, and I was able to continue.

Thank you to all of you who wished me well. I read all your posts before I left, but had no time to respond. I had numerous interviews over the weekend and mentioned lung cancer, it's lack of funding, and some of it's dreadful results as much as I could; whether they use that info or not is another story. I did have two camera crews follow me around for most of the weekend - I think one was from the Outdoor Life Network OLN, and one was the 24hr crew preparing a one hr TV show. I'm trying to find out when

they will air the programs, and will keep you posted so you can watch. One funny thing happened while I was waiting for the ferry to leave the island for the race. Last week I was interviewed by a newspaper guy and expected to see a small article in the health section on Friday morning. I stepped up to the paper dispensing machine to put my quarters in and let out a huge yell, "WHOA!!" People around me said, "what's the matter?"

I said, "That's me!" "No way", they said, until they got a little closer... on the ferry I could hear people whisper, "that's him". One fellow I know showed up at the race for his weekend holiday just to see me race because he saw the newspaper article. When I figure out how to link a website to my posts (Rick?), I'll let you read it. And I've seen links to video articles here in some posts - perhaps someone can show me how to do that as well - I'm on a local TV show this Friday as well. NO, no autographs just yet. I've got to get up enough courage to get back on my bike tomorrow to ride to school... Owww.

Thanks for all your support. Take care all,

David P.

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That is wonderful NEWS!! :D

Do let us know when you will be on TV I would love to see it and I have also told my friends about YOU!

Just to think...... we even loved you even before you became FAMOUS!!!!

Sorry to hear about the fall and I hope it didn't hurt your handsome face of yours!!! :wink: Get some well deserved REST.

Hugs, Shelly

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Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your success with us and giving voice to this dreadful disease. I would be more than pleased with myself if I could finish one lap! ou did 11 laps!! :D Great news! Please let us know if you are "On the WEB" we want to see!! Congrats Donna G

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Congratulations David,

You are truly amazing, and what a spokesman for LC. You give so much hope to so many that there is not only life, but quality life after a lung cancer diagnosis. Your strength, determination, and devotion to all of us here and all LC survivors everywhere is truly admirable.

Thank you, and God Bless you


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Congratulations on your accomplishment and the win. Whether it is 1st, 2nd or 9th, you are a winner in our eyes. We can never say Thank You enough for getting LC in the news. You are deffinately a person that we all are inspired by. Knowing a person like you with all of your motivation, energy and stamina is truly an honor.

Praying for a "Cure" for all of us.....

God Bless



Dx'd 3-03, 3a, nsclc

Radiation (38) treatments 3-25-03 to 5-15-03

taxol/carbo 4-1-03 to 5-20-03

taxol/carbo 7-23-03 (every 3 wk) 6-8 cycles

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What an inspiration. Just knowing you with one lung and doing what you have done is an accomplishment. You are going to help me make it through my down chemo days over the next few days. I'll call your story up for inspiration.

Thank you for sharing.

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Dave G,

One of the things I did before I entered the hospital for the pneumonectomy back in May was to make a "little book of heroes". I printed up the pictures of the survivors, and the encouraging posts written by others, both survivors and caregivers. I clipped these things out and taped them into a small notebook. When I would become discouraged I thought of David P on his bike, Connie B just as she is, Rick and Katie for their love of family and their fierce loyalty to her Father, Judy B. and her sense of humor, Tiny climbing mountains and hanging out in butterfly houses, Janet K. living life to the fullest with grace of spirit and true class, in spite of lung cancer and it's treatments, Mrs. Mike coordinating Mr. Mike's care. The truth is that if I knew about you from this list before I left the house on May 18th, either your photo or something you posted ended up in my little notebook. And I read it, folks, to keep my spirits up. I had pictures of others I've known over the past 4 years who have walked along a lung cancer journey. I had their writings and photos in there, too. Try it...and one of the nice things about it is it doesn't require me to sit at the computer to access it. :) I still look at it when I need to.

Fay A.

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