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my story


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When i was 7 months pregnant in January of 2003 my father was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3A lung cancer. In February he began weekly Taxol/carbo chemo along with daily radiation. Radiation ended the day I gave gave birth to my first child. He then continued to receive triple treatments chemo once a week every three weeks, which continued until July of 2003. There remained a small amount of the tumor and the doctor suggested we get a second opinion regarding surgery. After waiting 6 hours at sloan kettering in New York the chief thoracic surgeon told us that there was nothing he could do because he does not operate on anyone who had radiation (couldn't tell us before we got there). My father's oncologist then advised him about pin point radiation at westchester medical center and after three treatments he was in remission October of 2003. In June of 2004 he was rushed to the hospital for pleural effusion nonmalignant a procedure was performed and drained. After about 14 days they released him and life was wonderful. In November of 2004, I gave birth to my son. Then in June of 2005, the coughing started and he began to not feel well. They took the normal ct scans, pet scans and bronchoscopy. After the Bronchoscopy it was determined that the same tumor had regrown and there was a spot in his adrenal gland. In addition, he had also developed brochitis and an infection. He then began Altima, which after 4 treatments they stopped because the tumor increased. Then in December of 2005 they started him on Tarceva, which seemed to be working, but they could not get the infection under control. In April of 2006 he had a pet scan at which time he was told that the cancer was stable. He went to the doctor on May 10, 2006 regarding the infection and they took a culture they also discussed operating to clear the scar tissue, but due to his condition it was not recommended. On May 14, 2006 the abscess ruptured and he bled to death. It was quick and short. He did not even know what was going on. They say the infection was a result of the extensive damage from the radiation. Who knows? This is my story. Hard to believe.

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Yes, your story is hard to believe........and a sad one as well. Hopefully you have family and support to help you at this time. We are here for you too. Thanks for coming forward and sharing. Hope knowing that we understand can be of some small comfort to you.


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I want to say again that I am sorry for your loss.

Thank you for letting us know what happened with him.

I can remember that they told me that I may survive the lc, but that there were also risks associated with the treatments. In your Dad's situation, it appears that was true.

Thank you again for posting your story.

Cindi o'h

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