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Has anyone been here?


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience... My hubby has extensive SCLC mets to lymph nodes, bones and liver. And we just had his first scan after 4 treatments and everything but his liver is responding. 3 of the 4 tumors are still the same size and the 4th is still growing. Is this a bad sign? I've heard unresposive and small cell is bad. Nobody really wants to say anything until they have talked with the doctor. Welll the last time that happened the result ended up being that we found out about the cancer.

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Hi Debbie.

Just a big welcome to you. I guess I missed your first post back in April.

Just asking for some clarification of your question. When you say, "Nobody really wants to talk about it...."

Who do you mean by "nobody"?

Do you mean medical staff?

I am confused.

Want to help you.

Cindi o'h

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I did mean the medical staff DH doctor is out sick and another oncologist in his office gave us the results we have. However doesn't want to say more than what he has already told us. He needs to wait on the head oncologist.

I just found out from DH the office told now it maybe next week before we know. I have a few colorful words to discribe their making us wait when they already have the results. But I will not share them.


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your situtation with your husband hits too close to home for me. My husband first had cisplastin and etopside, and it worked on his lung and liver, then he finished 6 rounds, went for brain scan and found 17 mets, so then he needed to go for wbr, so once he stopped chemo, bam now radiation for 4 weeks, so he's done that and gets a chest scan yesterday, and we find out today that his tumor in his lung and liver have doubled/almost trippled in size! not good...so the next option for my husband is more chemo, there are many different "combos" for sclc, he wants my husband to start next week, of course i broke down, my husband says i'm more stressed then him, but his onc is very good and tells him he's checking with thorastic onc in boston, and also checking out dana farber for any trials that may be right for him. Debbie I know even waiting a day or two can seem forever, especially with sclc and when it is extensive time is of the essence. I would say if your husband has a good primary care dr. to call him and have him talk w/ the oncs where your husband is going. I know these drs. sometimes don't want to "interfer" with other drs. patients, but I think it's your husbands' life here, and if he wants to know, who cares what onc. tells him, because he is the one who has to decide what he wants to do. So Debbie, please don't hesistate to email me, like i said i know all to well...


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So sorry you are having to play this waiting game. You know, there are times when caregivers (especially wives) have to take the reins into their own hands and get tough. I was one of these wives. My husband was always very mellow about his treatment and I was the one that always had to ask the questions, make demands and obtain information. I think this was partially because Dennis never wanted to know too much about his illness. He put all his trust in his doctor and took the "what have we got to lose" approach. If I were you, I would march over to that doctors office and demand to know what is going on with my husband's illness. If at all possible, don't use the telephone to request information. It's too easy for the staff to "blow you off" when you're on the phone. when you're standing in front of them, it's harder to turn you away without giving you answers. I'll be remembering you and your husband in my prayers. Please let us know what you find out!

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