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Tarceva & Pain


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Deb was on Tarceva for a while but with all the Oxy she too she never told me of any. Good Luck and I know you will get more answers.

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What kind of pain are you talking about.

I have had pain from:

the rash

the stomach problems

the dry skin

my eyes

nothing unbearable just a tad uncomfortable. If you are experiencing major pain, I would contact your oncologist as soon as possible.



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I started experiencing increased pain about 10 days ago. At first it was shoulder and back pain that I've been having all along then a couple of night's ago I suddenly had pain around my entire lung. Mostly in the areas that were treated with radiation last year.

It was SO weird to have it come on all at once like that. I immediately called for an appt. with the oncologist.

I saw him yesterday and he said that flares of pain during treatment are fairly typical and that he's not real surprised. He said if it doesn't improve over the next week or worsens at all he'll order up a scan to see what's going on. In the mean time I'm taking Percocet to manage the pain. I was just curious to see if other Tarceva patients, especially those who started around the same time I did, happened to notice increased pain.

You mentioned stomach pain, what sort of pain are you having? I'm having a lot of trouble with heartburn and reflux. I thought it was from the Tetracycline I was taking for the rash (which by the way is MUCH better)but I stopped 2 days ago and the reflux is still an issue.

Thank you for the reply.

God Bless.


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Hi Antoinette

Pain is probably the one thing I am not having while on Tarceva. I've got the rash (getting better), reflux, dry skin, dry eyes, and dry mouth. My biggest problem is diarrhea from C-diff (non-Tarceva related) which we are still trying to get under control.

It's always something.


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Hi Antoinette,

It's so weird that you are asking about this because I have had some weird pain. First of all, I am so paranoid about every pain, I kind of assume everything is caused by the cancer and it makes me crazy!

In the past week I have experienced increased discomfort around my lung, I wouldn't call it pain, but an increase in the discomfort I had already been experiencing when I sneeze or cough. I told my onc. at my consult last friday and he said not to read anything into it, it could be caused by the cancer in the lining, or scar tissue from it healing, or something completely unrelated. My scans are scheduled for 6/2 and unless somehting "significant" happens, that will remain the date. I know I have visions of the cancer just racing through my body. I try not to, but when you know you have something like this growing in your body it is a bit difficult sometimes not to assume the worst. I just keep telling myself that the tarceva WILL work.

The other day I had excruciating pain in my abdomen and I thought "oh my god, what's the cancer doing to me now?" Long story short, a couple of Mylanta tablets took care of THAT problem. I don't know if it was caused by the Tarceva or not, but it was not like anything I've experienced before.

How long until your next scans? If they're not soon I think I would push for a sooner date. In the meantime I pray for you that the Tarceva is doing its job and that the cancer is just shrivelling up and dying and it is its pain you are feeling!


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This is Sandra, Tim's wife. Tim hasn't experienced "pain" but he has had terrible coughing fits since he started back on Tarceva 3 weeks ago - like acid reflux, and the coughing gets to the point he is gagging. Oncolgist said today that Tarceva does irritate the stomach, so that could be a potential cause. He's been on acid reflux medicine, but doesn't seem to help. The ENT he saw this week researched all the medication he was on, and said the new blood pressure medicine he's on (which he started at the same time as the Tarceva) has been known to cause coughing......

Also, on another note - the rash. I know you had posted about this before, but our oncologist today said he had a patient who was calling every week because he couldn't handle the rash. The patient tried Nioxin cleanser for hair, and the rash was virtually gone. We got some today, so Tim's going to try it....

Just thought I'd let you know


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Mom has been on Tarceva for a little over a year now. She hasn't had the pain you are talking about, but lots of discomfort in the belly area. When she gets back from her vacation, she is going to see her internal med. dr. to see if it is Crohn's related, or a continued by-product of Tarceva.

Still, Tarceva has all but been a wonder drug for her--no growth in her tumor in over a year. She'll deal with the tummy troubles, if need be.

:) Kelly

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