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JoAnna Lund, the author of the "Healthy Exchanges"


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Lund remembered for winning attitude

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By Amy Thon, athon@qconline.com

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JoAnna Lund, the author of the "Healthy Exchanges" cookbooks.

Aledo Area Chamber of Commerce

The 15th Annual Rhubarb Festival

The story of JoAnna Lund's fight against breast cancer is offering hope to other cancer patients diagnosed with aggressive types of cancer.

The 61-year-old DeWitt woman died Saturday after a four-year battle against inflammatory breast cancer. She had been given just a few months to live at the time of her diagnosis.

Mrs. Lund was well known for her Healthy Exchanges Food Newsletter and the cookbooks she published on healthy eating alternatives.

Mrs. Lund kept a positive attitude throughout her illness, said Linda Andrews, patient service specialist for the Illinois division of the American Cancer Society.

"Inflammatory breast (cancer) is a very aggressive type of breast cancer," Ms. Andrews said. Mrs. Lund fought back against the cancer with her healthy living, her diet and her attitude. "She had a love of people and a love of her family. She also had a strong spiritual backing."

Her story offers hope for patients with a diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer.

"The attitude she displayed throughout this journey, her very positive attitude toward this diagnosis gives a sense of hope," Ms. Andrews said.

A patient's prognosis varies from person to person, said Dr. Stewart Garneau, an oncologist.

"Obviously she did the right things and her doctors advised her to do the right things," he said. "They are always coming out with new drugs, new programs and aggressive programs that now significantly prolong people's survival in a fair number of malignancies we see."

For breast cancer specifically, chemotherapy has been improved and is more targeted to better treat the cancer, he said.

"Ladies are presenting with earlier stages of the disease," Dr. Garneau said.

In treatment of colon cancer, some of the newer targeted therapies have tripled the survival rates.

"Those same drugs are being used now in lung cancers and hopefully in the near future in breast cancers," Dr. Garneau said. "The drugs are extremely expensive. It's not clear whether the country can afford to produce and use them."

Patients often seek information about clinical trials or other experimental treatments, Ms. Andrews said.

"The patients are their own advocates," she said. "Cancer patients are the first to seek information on clinical trials and the American Cancer Society is the first organizations that individuals trust in offering information on clinical trials."

Quality of life is also important for patients with late stage cancers, she said.

"JoAnna made me aware that she had found a wonderful support group via the Internet that offered support for those that were battling fourth stage or otherwise inflammatory breast cancer," she said.

Mrs. Lund also was a major supporter of the American Cancer Society.

"She did that graciously through partnering with the organization, offering her Healthy Exchanges cookbook and donating thousands upon thousands of dollars," Ms. Andrews said.

Services for Mrs. Lund are 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Schultz Funeral Home Chapel, DeWitt. The visitation is 2 to 7 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Staff writer Amy Thon can be reached at (309) 786-6441, ext. 208.

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I apologize If I offended anyone here by posting about a person who passed from Breast Cancer. Let me say that first. However; I read more into this than just what the cancer was. This to me is more about the fight and type (Aggresive Cancer) than Breast Lung Colon or prostate. to me this is about a woman who put up a courageous battle against Cancer Than A woman who dealt with Breast Cancer. My Brain and Heart may not have been in the same place when I Posted this Obituary. If I offended anyone I would Like to apologize sincerely right now and here :oops::cry:

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