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Taxotere side effects?

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This is a big off topic but I know that my Jim was on Taxotere for his NSCLC and had few side effects... but now my daughter is undergoing chemo for breast cancer and just had her first Taxotere treatment 3 days ago and is in extreme pain today ("bone pain") and had a throat/mouth full of sores to the point they are bleeding. We are returning to her oncologist later today but are looking for information/advice on these side effects because we were not anticipating this at all!


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hello Sandy,

I had taxotere with bone pain as well. I don't remember if there was anything that gave me relief. I think this side is not uncommon.

Mouth sores are a part of the territory as well. It is a good idea to have them checked to make sure it is not thrush. Biotene makes some soothing mouth washes (alcohol free) tooth paste etc. Sensodyne makes an extra extra soft toothbrush. If this is not possible, then even a wet gauze wrapped around a finger with a scrub will help to keep teeth/mouth/tongue clean.

Multiple rinses a day, even with plain water helps to keep the bacteria count down.

Cindi o'h

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Try your local Walgreens They should have about every mouth wash rinse available. That is al I can offer sorry.

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Guest kathleen

Not sure about the bone pain, Mom didn't have that side effect. They told us she should rinse her mouth a minimum of 5 times per day to avoid mouth sores and to clean teeth gently. Lots of water helped too!

Hope this helps some!

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Sorry to hear about the trouble with taxotere. My Tony just finished 12 rounds. Biotene, Nystatin oral suspension (prescription) helps with the thrush type problem, but most of all --- B50, B50, B50!!

After Tony started on the B50 vitamins, twice a day, he never experienced a mouth sore again. Our doctor recommends this to all mouth sore patients and it has had amazing results for all the folks who suffered from it.

Hope this helps.


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