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Giving it the college try


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Hi Folks!

I guess I will be more busy than I thought I would be... even though it is only one class on Tues/thurs from 4-7:30 pm

I am trying to expand my employment options by seeking another teaching certificate. I will be back only to post a silly but I know I will miss you and don't wan tya'll to think I have disappeared.

I am keeping busy to dissolve the pain.

Much love,


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Wishing you the best with the studies and praying it also eases the pain. School is definitely time consuming and difficult especially now that we are older and have work and life to deal with in addition.

We will miss your warmth and humor in your absenses but please come back when you find a moment or two.

Our love goes with you, no matter how long the hall pass.

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Eppie, you will be missed but I agree that staying busy is the best thing you can be doing right now. I am so glad to hear that you will still be keeping us laughing, as time permits. I really hope you enjoy your class and that it helps you to climb the professional ladder.

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Taking a class is an excellent idea to keep your mind occupied.

Good luck on the improved job hunt.

Of curse you will be missed but you have made a move in the direction that suits you at this point in your life and that is a good thing.

Keep us posted?


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So schools Not out Forever :lol: ? We need lot smore Great teachers like You!! Good Luck and Study hard.

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